How to organize an exhibition of animals

How to organize an exhibition of animals

Exhibition of animals – for example, cats - the real holiday for owners and their pets. However for organizers it is a hard work – it is necessary to find the suitable room, to invite judges, to invite the participant and to operate all process that the action turned out rather large-scale and spectacular.

It is required to you

  • - room;
  • - cages for animals;
  • - experts;
  • - stewards;
  • - prizes and diplomas.


1. Decide what event you plan to hold. Exhibitions of cats are divided into open, club, national and international. Club means a small amount of animal one-two breeds and the closed work of judges without audience and award of titles. Open national exhibitions are much more spectacular actions. On them there have to be many participants of different breeds (usually not less than hundred). Refereeing with involvement of experts not below national category is obligatory, animals are estimated and receive titles.

2. The international exhibitions are even more large-scale. Not less than 150 cats participate in them, and 20% from total number have to be from other countries. Include not less than two experts of the international category in the list of judges. Also advertizing exhibitions – the actions organized for the purpose of sale of kittens and advance of any given breeds meet.

3. Choose ring type – English (European) or American. The first means the closed examination without the admission of the owner, the second is carried out on an open podium at owners and the audience. American ring as it very much is pleasant to public is preferable to a big public exhibition.

4. Gather a team. For a big action 3-4 persons who will be engaged in call of nurseries, work with owners, printing of catalogs and diplomas, purchase of cages and other organizational issues are necessary.

5. Contact nurseries and clubs of fans of cats. On it a lot of time will leave – but upon termination of work you will have a base which you will be able to use at the organization of the next exhibitions. Place announcements of an upcoming event in newspapers and on the thematic websites.

6. Count the exact number of participants and collect entrance collecting – the sum confirming gravity of intentions of owners of animals. So you will insure yourself from possible absence of exhibitors. Surely confirm payment with issue of receipts.

7. Invite experts. Their level depends on exhibition type. Amateur actions are judged by experts of the third category, and large international exhibitions – experts of the first category. Stewards or assistants to judges will be necessary for you for carrying and representation of cats. For this role usually take volunteers. The number of assistants depends on number of participants.

8. Find the room. For an exhibition it is possible to use the empty pavilions of branch fairs, shopping or office centers, palaces of culture. It is desirable that to the place of future exhibition it was convenient to reach, and both to participants, and the audience. You need the big hall, the certain room for judges, the room for rest where it is possible to organize mini-buffet. Choose date of an action and pay rent. Usually the exhibition takes two-three days.

9. Think over the program of an exhibition. Within the action it is possible to hold additional competitions – for example, a show of pets or rewarding with a prize of spectator sympathies. Pick up partners and sponsors. In this role clubs, zoosalons, veterinary clinics, producers of cat's forages can act.

10. Think over advertizing of an action. Print leaflets and distribute them in shopping and entertainment centers. Advertizing on transport, on the thematic websites and on local television gives good return.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team