How to paint a dog

How to paint a dog

Before being engaged in painting of a dog, attentively study the local legislation in the field of protection of pets. In some countries such procedures are forbidden to be carried out. The penalty for painting of an animal can be quite essential.

It is required to you

  • - sponge
  • - gloves
  • - food coloring
  • - hair dryer


1. Some people consider change of coloring of a dog by manifestation of cruelty. Fortunately, this process will not cause to your pet any discomfort. Some owners of animals watch closely fashion trends and try to look after the dog. Painting for an animal is similar to habitual bathing. Many people are enraptured with unusual color of hair of dog, and the special attention and demand is pleasant also to animals. For pets this procedure is a certain self-affirmation.

2. To paint a dog, it is necessary to buy special safe dyes which will not do much harm to her wool and skin. There are two types of dyes. The first is intended for strengthening of wool and giving of the balanced color and is used by preparation for exhibition actions. The second type of dyes is applied to giving of fashionable color.

3. It is necessary to remember that for safe coloring the puppies have to be more senior than 12 weeks. If you doubt the skills of painting of pets, then address the dog groomer. At the address to specialists in coloring it is necessary to request from them the license for holding the corresponding procedures to be sure of the end result.

4. To you it is not necessary to paint dogs with the means intended for the person. It can lead to adverse effects. Skin of dogs is very sensitive to influence of any hair-dyes and their use can cause in a dog of naggers, dandruff, baldness, emergence of blisters.

5. Many prefer to paint pets with food coloring as it is absolutely safe for wool. Best of all blue, red and green colors are suitable for painting of a dog because they paint over natural color more effectively.

6. Process of coloring should be begun with bathing of a dog. It will allow to paint evenly the favourite and for a long time to set color. Further it is necessary to dry a little a dog a towel, but wool has to remain damp. It is necessary to fix the pet on one place and to use gloves. It is necessary to preserve an animal against hit of paint in eyes.

7. It is necessary to apply paint from roots of hair to tips. Long hair of a dog demands use of bigger amount of dye. The excess of water and excess paint need to be removed, using a sponge. Then carefully to dry up hair of a dog by means of the hair dryer. Food coloring keeps color within 1-2 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team