How to participate in an exhibition of cats

How to participate in an exhibition of cats

You made the correct, certainly, important decision – bought a thoroughbred kitten of an exhibition class. Each owner has to realize accurately that making the decision on participation of the pet in exhibitions, he undertakes certain obligations and material inputs.

It is required to you

  • - documents on an animal (the pet passport, copies of a family tree and title certificates);
  • - application for participation in an exhibition;
  • - payment of an exponentsky contribution;
  • - trays for a toilet, food and water;
  • - forage and water;
  • - hygienic accessories;
  • - exhibition cage or tent;
  • - wide choice of accessories in a tent.


1. To become the full participant of an exhibition of cats, your pet has to have excellent health (both physical, and psychological), to have a good family tree. For this purpose since childhood you monitor the correct, completely balanced and good nutrition (sterns of a super premium class), mental development (the friendly cat causes admiration, and aggressive – significantly lowers chances of a victory), veterinary service (the veterinarian, all inoculations).

2. Decide in what club your pet will consist. For this purpose attend several exhibitions, the person of club is and there are its exhibitions which are a grandiose show, but not a small party in a dark corner.

3. Undergo veterinary control to make sure that your cat is healthy and therefore it is safe for other participants of an exhibition.

4. Submit the application for participation in an exhibition (make it at least in two-three weeks prior to the forthcoming event). After application pay an exponentsky contribution – it is obligatory for all who want their cat to participate in an exhibition.

5. Get an exhibition cage or a tent in which you will expose a cat (specify her sizes at the people organizing an exhibition). Order an exhibition tent and it accessories in advance (a folding tray for a toilet of the compact sizes, a plank bed in a tent). It can be done in several ways - issue the order in club just before an exhibition or buy in pet-shop or on the numerous websites on the Internet providing similar services. Use of own tent is the most convenient option for you and the safest decision for your cat. Sew blinds for a cage from the opaque fabric which is easily giving in to washing. Blue color is universal.

6. Settle down with the pet on the site allocated for you. Try to come for some time prior to the exhibition, feed a cat, calm her.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team