How to persuade mom to get a dog

How to persuade mom to get a dog

There is a wish a dog? Very much, very much? The image of the dog seems in everyone a counter dog to a figure and dreams in a dream. And morally you feel that you are ready, but... mom does not resolve? Persuade! There are several effective methods.


1. Ask! As they say, water sharpens a stone. At each opportunity: ""Mom, buy a dog; mom, buy a dog!"" And so it is not less than ten times in day. It is better to date for some event in mother's life. For example, to a tea drinking. Then in a month, drinking tea, she will think: ""Buy a dog, buy a dog!"" Will buy to get rid.

2. Show the independence and reliability! Let mom believe in you. You not only want to play with a warm puppyish lump, and is ready to grow up the loyal friend. For this purpose undertake a part of economic cares, for example, washing of ware every day. Unload mom that she did not think that with the advent of a dog her life will become even heavier: she should also walk an animal, to feed and wash it. Let know that, having achieved the, you will not betray either mom, or a dog.

3. Convince! An argument – the best argument, and a dog – the best friend of the person. The dog is ready for everything for the sake of the owner. The dog is a family member, the friend who always waits. The dog understands everything, she empathizes the owner. The dog will brighten up any leisure, will warm any heart. Confirm the arguments with stories from life. It is possible to tell about how the dog saved the person what she is a wonderful nurse or the security guard.

4. Look for a compromise! Take an interest why your request you are answered ""no"". In negotiations the truth is born. Discuss with mom what dog best of all will be suitable for your conditions. If there is no time to walk – it is possible to get a small doggie. Thoroughbred it is expensive – it is possible to take a mongrel puppy. The dog will surely thank when he grows.

5. Deserve! Find out what mom would like to receive from you almost impossible. Perhaps she dream that her child studied as some five. Or arrived on time from the street, did not play cruel computer games, listened to its councils. Tell about it to mom. Your decision to deserve a dog will underline gravity of your intentions.

6. Let's mom take the candidate for pets! If it is absent yet, borrow from someone from acquaintances or reduce on poultry market. The soft puppy in hands - even the firmest heart will be softened!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team