How to persuade parents to buy a dog

How to persuade parents to buy a dog

Without pet to live not too cheerfully. Indeed, who vstetit from work or study as faithfully how a favourite dog? Who will walk three times a day and with affection to put pads on a stomach, raising a smile after unlucky day? Of course, dog.


1. To persuade parents on purchase of a dog happens not so simply even if you for a long time not the child. It in the childhood it was possible to fill up and wake up with the name which is thought up dog, to drive a hat on a lead and to give the grandfather compliments in dog style (""The grandfather, in a new coat you look just like a collie!""). In the childhood it was possible ""to press on pity"", and parents gave up... Now you for a long time not the child, but a dog you still want. Strangely enough, but beliefs (""I will walk with her in the mornings, to feed and drive to the veterinarian"") affect parents regardless of that, how old are you. Try, suddenly it will turn out?

2. If parents were already taught by bitter experience, or are just especially stubborn, test a way which works in 70% of cases - tell how the dog will perfectly influence them! For example, you can tell that the British scientists proved that dog wool is a fine absorber of dust. It is a joke, of course. But parental interest is a first step to a victory.

3. Do not forget to say that the dog improves a family microclimate constantly. It is the truth. And any parent wants that in family everything was good.

4. You the adult, and now can become an authority. You really may support a dog because you earn quite good money. Parents say that you work around the clock, and you have no time? You have money! For this reason you will employ the person who with a dog will walk, and parents will have no problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team