How to plant chicken on eggs

How to plant chicken on eggs

In personal subsidiary farm of chickens it is possible to remove in two ways – to use electric incubators which are presented in trade in wide assortment or to plant chicken hen on eggs. That the hen successfully evaporated chickens, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

It is required to you

  • - nest;
  • - straw;
  • - oosperms;
  • - ovoskop.


1. If you are going to evaporate chickens in the natural way under chicken hen, then have to know that not each chicken is capable to sit down on a laying and to successfully evaporate it, that is to stay up to the end. Most often hens grow from the chickens evaporated under chicken. The chickens received in an incubator very seldom keep ability to a natural nasizhivaniye, and attempts to make them hens do not result in success.

2. If you see that chicken shows desire to sit down on a laying, cackles, then equip with it the place for incubation. Make a separate nest in the dark place of the hen house. For this purpose bring down a box of 70х70 cm in size, put far from feeding troughs and perches. If you evaporate chickens under several hens at once, then it is the most rational to separate them from other livestock of hens a fence from a grid chain-link. You will separately feed and give to drink to all hens from other livestock of hens.

3. Prepare fresh eggs. One hen can evaporate about 12 eggs and that only if she enough large sizes. Hens broilers do not suit for a nasizhivaniye of eggs. Only thoroughbred breeds of egg or meat-egg hens approach.

4. All eggs which you are going to evaporate have to be impregnated, for this purpose check them on an ovoskopa, clean and are taken down no more than 10 days ago.

5. Your task is that you have to put necessary amount of the eggs ready to evaporation in a nest and plant on them chicken. The hen will evaporate or not, it already does not depend on you. The most optimum period to start a nasizhivaniye is considered evening. Therefore put a hen in the prepared nest right after evening feeding, cover a nest with a wicker basket.

6. Once a day let out a hen for feeding. The first days of a nasizhivaniye you feed chicken only with whole grain and you give to drink clear water.

7. In 4 days you can remove a basket, chicken already from eggs will not get up. During feeding the hen very quickly runs, eats, drinks and again sits down on a laying.

8. If you noticed the crushed eggs, then replace them, but it is possible to make it only in the first two-three days.

9. In 6 days check eggs on an ovoskopa. It is the best of all to make it during feeding of chicken. Remove all eggs in which there are no germs.

10. Chickens will begin to arise approximately for 21 days after the beginning of incubation. To use chicken hen very conveniently as there is no need to watch temperature condition of an incubator and to regulate humidity of air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team