How to play with a rat

How to play with a rat

Rats very clever animals. They from time immemorial live side by side with the person. But if earlier these rodents were only wreckers, then now many keep them in apartments as pets. And of course, there are questions of that as well as what to feed a small animal with how to equip to him the dwelling how to play with a rat.


1. The most important in a game with a rat is not to forget about its sizes. Pads of a rodent very thin, especially it touches fingers. If inaccurately to pinch a foot of a rodent or to drop a rat on a floor, it is possible to break thin stones. Therefore try not to lift a small animal highly over the head that he accidentally did not fall.

2. If you want to lift a rat for a tail, it is necessary to do it very accurately. A tail tip very sensitive, and you can damage hryashchik. Besides not all rodents love when they are lifted for a tail and can bite you in revenge. It is better not to play thus even with the most peace rat. Reaction can be unpredictable.

3. Rats very quickly get used to owners, become manual. They can even teach to be brought small objects - a cap from a felt-tip pen, a pencil, a small soft ball. For this purpose it is necessary to draw at first attention of the pet to these objects, to take for a drive on a floor. When the rat begins to try them on tooth, call her to yourself. If she brought a thing in a mouth - accurately take it and give to a rodent delicacy. Rats rather bright and very quickly understand what from them is wanted.

4. That the pet did not sit up in a cage while you there is no house, put the turning wheel there. The rat quickly will understand the principle of its action and will warm up while you are absent. Also leave several toys in a cage. It is better to choose objects which are made of a tree - they will not damage to small animals.

5. And with a rat it is possible to play a game of tag, as with a cat. Bind favourite delicacy of a rodent on a piece of a cord and run away from it, pulling along a toy. The small animal will definitely not remain indifferent and will rush to catch up with you.

6. Whatever game you chose, always remember safety of an animal. You watch the step more attentively not to step on a tail or a paw. Do not give toxic plastic toys. Do not lift a small animal for a tail. Then the rat will come to love you very much and will become the true loyal friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team