How to prepare a hen for incubation of eggs

How to prepare a hen for incubation of eggs

Not each chicken will hatch out future posterity. Quite often it is connected with the fact that before people diligently drove away a bird from a nest that led to development of the corresponding instinct. But it is possible to choose and prepare feathery which will care for incubation of eggs.

The organism of future hen does not demand special preparation. And here all hens need to be fed rationally that eggs were with a dense shell. For this purpose include the crushed shell in their diet (it has to be in the form of powder). Specialized shops sell also the forages enriched with minerals and vitamins. Approximately in several weeks the shell will become dense even if earlier was fragile. But do not forget to observe a dosage, otherwise it will be difficult to future chickens to break through through it.

As a hen choose that chicken who most often tries to sit out the laid eggs. If your birds do not show much interest, and earlier you regularly expelled them from nests, you should or buy other chicken, or to grow up a hen independently. On average birds are ready to evaporation of eggs at the age of 1 year.Hens who behave restlessly and also loudly cackle and quicker run away from a nest when the person approaches them, do not suit for incubation of chickens. To choose a suitable bird, put in dummy egg nests. Observe, that chicken who for several days practically did not depart from a laying, optimum will be suitable for long incubation of posterity. Accurately replace eggs on sunset and enclose the presents in number of 13-15 pieces. It is desirable that chicken did not notice substitution, otherwise she can cease to care for future posterity. You should not put a hen to the hen house to other birds. They will prevent it to hatch out eggs or can even rasklevat them. You feed a bird as well as usually. You watch that there was always fresh water. Put a feeding trough and a drinking bowl in close proximity to a nest. Also it is desirable for hens to bathe in a cindery and sand bathtub. Mix these two components in equal proportions and fill in a wide, but superficial basin or just on a floor. Approximately in three weeks of incubation, little zheltenky tsyplyatka will be born.

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