How to prepare compound feed for quails

How to prepare compound feed for quails

Quails pretty fast grow: being born the weight of 6 g, in a month the mass of a baby bird increases by 15 times. In only two months the bird has the weight of an adult individual. Therefore it is so important to be able to prepare correctly forages for quails.

It is required to you

  • - cabbage (nettle, salad)
  • - chalk (shell of eggs)
  • - porridge (barley, millet)
  • - powdered milk (sunflower oil)
  • - cottage cheese (fish or mincemeat)


1. Health of quails, therefore, the taste of their eggs and meat, directly depend on quality of a forage. It has to contain all vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals. It is the best of all to prepare compound feed for these birds. From purchased ready-made feeds will suit PK5 and PK6 which use at cultivation of broilers. These mixes can be given to quails, since 6 weeks age.

2. Independently prepared compound feed can be used crude (freshly cooked) or in a dry form. The quantity of a forage is calculated, proceeding from the most balanced diet for one bird: 12 g of porridge, barley or millet grain; 12 g of cottage cheese (meat or fish forcemeat; 3 g of chalk or egg shell; 0.5 g of powdered milk or sunflower oil.

3. Having calculated what amount of the listed ingredients is required for all livestock of a bird, grain and other substances mix with small cut cabbage, a nettle, salad or any other greens. Such compound feed is given both to baby birds, and an adult bird. In day on one quail 25-40 g of food are required. As vitamin supplements use carrots, beet, apples.

4. Experienced manufacturers determine quality of compound feed by a smell. It has to be saturated, fresh, without impurity of mustiness or acidity. Scales, the granulator, a kormosmesitel, a zernodrobilka will be necessary for simplification of work. For hashing of ingredients it is possible to use the concrete mixer.

5. It is more convenient to prepare compound feed as follows: to measure and weigh initial raw materials; proteinaceous components, greens, grain send to a zernodrobilka; the crushed forage is spread in a kormosmesitel and add vitamins and minerals. The forage can be given to a bird right after preparation or to process it in the granulator for further storage. It is necessary to know that the expense of a forage increases with increase in duration of light day.

6. If there is no opportunity to prepare compound feed, quails are given fodder mix. At it there have to be 4 main components: protein, grain, vitamins, minerals. Such products will be suitable for baby birds and adult birds: fish or bone meal, fresh or boiled fish, cottage cheese, any forcemeat, earth and flour hearts, dolls of ants, blood of the slaughtered bird. From grain it is possible to use shredded wheat, a rye, oats. From grain – millet, rice, barley, wheat. If you plan to give fresh fish, it is necessary to make sure that she is not infected by parasites. If there is no such confidence, fish it is recommended to weld.

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