How to put a breast-band on a rabbit

How to put a breast-band on a rabbit

Domestic rabbits – some of the most popular pets. These animals quickly are tamed, become tender and cause affection of owners and guests. In warm season many prefer to walk the favourites on the street. If you plan to walk a rabbit, you need a breast-band.


1. Responsibly treat purchase of a breast-band. A rabbit – rather coward animal. If on the street he is frightened by a sharp sound, shout, an exhaust from the car, a dog or a cat, he can begin to run in a hysterics. At the same time it is necessary that it did not slip out a breast-band and did not strangle himself.

2. The good breast-band for a rabbit on a neck should not drag on as a stranglehold, and to be clasped on a buckle. The crossing point on a back has to form letter "H" if to look at a small animal sideways. Breast-bands of such designs happen especially for rabbits. Also breast-bands of the small sizes will be suitable for cats and dogs.

3. There are also special suits for walks. They look as a T-shirt with the lead attached around a waist. Such breast-bands are good the fact that in case of danger you can lift a rabbit for a lead, without having done it it any harm.

4. The typical breast-band consists of two opened rings. Take a rabbit on hands. And clasp a smaller ring as if a lead, put on to a small animal a neck. Check how on an animal the breast-band sits: it should not be too hard. For this purpose push a finger between a collar and a neck of a rabbit – if it passes, the breast-band means it is clasped correctly. Along with it the breast-band should not dangle that the rabbit could not slip out it.

5. Miss the second thong under a tummy of a rabbit and clasp it. Do not draw a breast-band, but also check that it did not dangle on a small animal. Make sure that the ring to which the lead carbine buckles up is from above on a back at an animal.

6. Do not conduct a rabbit immediately on the street. Let an animal will get used to regimentals. Several days in a row put on a house breast-band, gradually increasing time which the rabbit spends in it. After the animal gets used, it can be taken out on the street.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team