How to raise puppies

How to raise puppies

Health of a dog and qualities corresponding to breed depends on the correct leaving and feeding of a puppy. Buying a puppy, it is always necessary to consult with the manufacturer of this breed about features of feeding. Especially it is important in the first days when the puppy has a stress from change of a situation and can die from the wrong feeding.


1. After you brought a puppy home, it is necessary to follow all recommendations of the manufacturer strictly. Feeding has to happen only food which is most habitual for a little puppy.

2. If the puppy was with mother and he from her was just taken away, he will grieve, and it is quite natural. The small appetite can be caused by change of a situation. In 3-5 days the puppy will get used, and with his feeding there will be no problems.

3. All new food needs to be entered into a diet very gradually. The nutrition of a puppy has to be good. The reforage is very harmful therefore it is better to feed often 5-6 times a day, but in the small portions.

4. After acclimatization of a puppy in new conditions it is necessary to enter gradually into a diet meat, it is obligatory in the boiled and crushed look. Make small it the meat grinder or the blender. Fish at first also has to be boiled and crushed. Have to be present at a diet - fresh milk, grain, egg, cottage cheese.

5. Vitamins and mineral additives can be entered into a diet only after consultation with the veterinarian.

6. It is necessary to walk after receiving by a puppy of all main inoculations which terms to you will also be specified by the veterinary doctor.

7. If you have any questions on the relation of education of a puppy, always address for consultation the manufacturer of this breed. At suspicion on malfunctions with health – only to the veterinary doctor.

8. The puppy in the apartment has to have the place. No teams are recommended to be learned up to 6-7 months. Everything has to occur only in playful way.

9. Talk to a puppy only tenderly, never raise the voice, it will result further in full disobedience. Do not allow anybody from house to raise the voice on a puppy.

10. When you begin a training course, the easy breakthrough of a lead and team "faugh" can be the most terrible punishment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team