How to remove a cone on a neck at a dog

How to remove a cone on a neck at a dog

Unfortunately, the bad ecology negatively affects not only the person, but also pets. Veterinarians note that malignant new growths more often meet at cats and dogs. If you the owner of a dog, periodically it is necessary to examine an animal and to feel him, especially, when at a dog dense and long wool. Cones and tumors meet at animals often, but it is not necessary to disregard them.

The reasons of emergence of cones on a neck at a dog

Of course, not always cones and hypodermic tumors on a neck of a dog are oncology, one and most frequent reasons of their emergence there are purulent abscesses caused by the foreign matters or a bacterial infection which got under a skin. The infection can get if the dog scratched a skin or was traumatized including at a showdown with relatives.

Gladkoshersty dogs on a neck often have outgrowths, warts and papillomas. As well as the person, the reason of their emergence can have a viral infection. Usually they do not disturb a dog in any way if are only not rubbed with a collar. The cone on a neck can turn out to be consequence of a sting of insects, for example wasps, a gadfly or a gadfly. In this case it can be very large and irritate an animal who will try to scratch it paws.

Anyway, after emergence of a cone, especially, if there is no suppuration, it is necessary to wait two-three of days. Most often through this time of a cone just resolve, but if it did not happen and if the cone obviously increases in sizes, it is necessary to show a dog to the veterinarian.

How to cure a cone on a neck at a dog

Independent treatment can be made only when you are sure that at a dog simply suppuration. Remove pus, wash a wound with solution of a chlorhexidin and smear with anti-inflammatory ointment, for example, Levomekol. On an open wound it is also possible to impose the sterile napkins moistened with the chymotrypsin solution mixed 1:1 with 0.25% solution of a prikain. The napkin should be recorded on a neck of an animal and to leave at several o'clock. Injuries and scratches also should be processed at once some disinfecting structure that suppuration did not begin.

If abscess began, it is better to perform on a dog operation in clinic where will be able to remove pus, it is good to wash out and disinfect a wound, to put a drainage and not to assume that the infection extended further. All cones found in a dog need to be shown to the veterinarian that he established the reason of their education, made necessary analyses, excluded a possibility of regeneration in a malignant tumor. If the cone on a neck of an animal for a long time, is better to remove it at once to investigate the received material on a biopsy and in time to take measures in case of danger. Too it is better to delete the papillomas located on a neck even if they do not give any visible trouble to an animal.

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