How to remove a uterus on an apiary: the easiest way

How to remove a uterus on an apiary: the easiest way

For expansion of an apiary the beekeepers form layers in separate beehives, case or plank beds. Matochnik has to be enclosed in a beehive in several hours after a jigging. Also sometimes bee-keepers put in a layer and directly "queen". The answer to a question of how to remove a uterus on an apiary independently, is not too difficult. This procedure takes about 12 days.


1. In 3-4 days prior to the necessary starting date of a conclusion, find a uterus in the strongest family on an apiary. It is known that in a beehive it is the biggest bee. Her Rasplod will be swept up by a row. About it put a frame with light brown the 100-th, moistened with syrup. Note it some sign.

2. Daily check a frame to do not pass the beginning of sowing. All this time feed up bees the medo-pergovy weight and honey. As soon as in a cell larvae begin to hatch, replace a uterus in a temporary layer. Together with it establish in a beehive two frames with rasplody.

3. How to remove a uterus in a parental beehive? In the chosen family which was left without "queen" in a frame with the hatching larvae accurately cut out a piece a cell along cells in the horizontal direction. Height of the formed gleam finally has to be 5-6 cm.

4. Do the top section on that row over which the largest number of larvae will be noticed. At the same time the wire which is sealed in hundreds has to be located 2-3 ranks above. In this case it will be more convenient to take out matochnik in the subsequent.

5. Thin out larvae in the top number of cells, using a thin stick. Carrying out this operation, leave on one piece through two. Do the above procedure with the one more 100-th.

6. Establish the cells prepared in this way in the middle of a nest. At the same time reduce the last a little. Also parental beehive needs to be warmed well. Track also that the family had enough honey and a perga. Within a week strongly feed up bees. After a while the deserted insects will put matochnik who will hang down in a gleam.

7. For the 10th day a conclusion of queen bees will be almost finished. At this time cut out matochnik and place them in layers which have to be already created by this time. Also them it is possible to arrange in sections between a rasplodny framework for heating by bees. Return the transplanted uterus back to family.

8. As you can see, the answer to a question of how to remove a uterus is simple. Enclose a matochnik in a layer in the evening of the same day or the next day after a jigging of bees. During this time all old insects will fly away to the beehives. In layers there will be only peaceful young people. As a result of chances that the family will accept the uterus placed artificially will be more.

9. Consider that development of a queen bee in a matochnik in new family has to last some time. It is necessary in order that the remains of old bees left layers, and young insects managed to accustom on the new place. An exit of "queen" usually occurs for the 17th day.

10. Do not delay with transfer of matochnik after formation of layers. In 3-4 days of a bee in a new beehive own matochnik will put. Also will delete them it is useless. Insects will kill the put uterus and all the same on - new will begin to bring the who can be low-quality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team