How to remove worms at a cat

How to remove worms at a cat

Helminthosis at cats – very widespread disease, not less relevant, than other parasitic diseases, namely infection with fleas or ticks. Worms dstotochno often appear at cats who eat crude meat, fish, food from a garbage can and other garbage. The animals spending time on the street are also subject to infection with helminths substantially.


1. There is a number of the somptom indicating availability of helminths at cats. This general exhaustion of an organism, a sluggish condition of the pet, dim wool, strengthening of appetite or refusal of food, loss in weight, thirst, vomiting and a diarrhea. Parasites can be found in excrements or emetic mass of a cat.

2. Besides, can tell a small rash around an anus about presence of worms at an animal. At kittens the stomach, mucous very pale is blown up, indigestion is replaced by bloody ponosa and locks. However, it is final only the veterinarian can confirm or disprove suspicion about presence of worms at a cat, having taken blood or animal kcal on the analysis.

3. In due form only the veterinarian, after analyses, establishment of a species of parasites and also the defeat centers has to appoint protivogelmintny treatment. It is still important to consider the fact that there are medicines influencing only one species of parasites. Also there are complex means containing several active active ingredients directed against helminths of a various type. However, due to various reasons, not at all everything manages to be done by rules, and it is necessary to solve a problem. In such cases it is possible to proglistogonit a cat, using any of following medicines.

4. To remove worms at a cat sugar cubes can help. They are given to an animal as delicacy, together with food or dissolved in water and give to drink to the pet solution via the syringe. The medicine "Poliverkan" belongs to such means.

5. It is possible to Proglistogonit a cat and by means of tablets from helminths (these means are given to an animal in the crushed view with water or together with food): - Pratel; - Drontal; - Envayr; - Kanikvantel plus.

6. Help to cope with worms at a cat and suspension (they are given to an animal orally by means of the syringe batcher): - Prazitsid sweet suspension for kittens; - Prazitsid for adult cats. It is also possible to use drops on withers, for example, Profender.

7. And finally several recommendations. Modern glistogonny medicines are given to cats for prevention disposable, in the morning, at the same time previously hungry diet is not required. At treatment of helminthoses, medicine needs to be given to an animal repeatedly 10 days later. Before each vaccination it is necessary to give to a cat antivermicular medicines in 10 days prior to presumable date of vaccination. Besides, it is necessary to give such means in 3 weeks prior to childbirth and in 3 weeks after them. It is not recommended to give similar medicines to kittens more young than 3 weeks.

8. A disease it is simpler to warn, than to cure. Therefore to minimize risk of a disease of helminths of a cat, do the following: - for prevention give to an animal antiparasitic means from worms of 1 times in 3 months; - you do not feed a cat with crude meat and fish, you give to drink only otstoyannoy / boiled water; - do not allow the pet to contact to street animals; - regularly you carry out antiparasitic processing of a claw sharpener and the cat's place; - you keep clean objects of care for a cat; - regularly you carry out cleaning in the apartment/house.

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