How to repair an aquarium

How to repair an aquarium

Cultivation of small fishes of the house – occupation interesting, promoting a pacification of state of mind of the person and stabilization of his nervous activity. But, having houses an aquarium, it is necessary to solve also the problems arising with it. If the water tank began to flow, and under it the pool is regularly formed, it is necessary to repair immediately capacity, without waiting for its irreversible damage.

It is required to you

  • - silicone sealant and a gun to it;
  • - acetone;
  • - glass.


1. Attentively examine an aquarium and define the place of a leakage. Examine the lamp and cover glass, perhaps, for a leakage you accepted the usual condensate which is flowing down on a table to repair in that case an aquarium there is no need.

2. Buy silicone sealant in shop, it is the best of all to take special, with a mark "for aquariums". For the lack of it it is possible to take and universal, for glass, but you watch that in its structure there were no antifungal additives. It is desirable to use a gun for sealant expression as without it you will not be able to apply glue with an even layer.

3. If water gradually filters through a through bubble in a seam (pass through all width of a glue seam), then try to drip silicone to this place and to press so that it passed inside. Do the same from within an aquarium, smear the acting part of glue the pallet or a finger.

4. If water proceeds along all seam and at the same time bubbles it is not visible, most likely, glue because of bad degreasing departed. In this case you should not cover nothing, the seam anyway will disperse further. Try to apply one of the following options. Find glass of the same thickness in all length of an aquarium and about 6-7 cm thick. Then degrease surfaces by means of acetone. Put a grid from silicone sealant and densely apply a glass strip on a bottom, having pressed it to a windshield (between a face of the pasted strip and glass there has to be an adhesive layer not less than 1 mm). Also well cover other face of a strip with sealant that there were no bubbles. Week the aquarium has to dry, then it is possible to fill in water and to start small fishes.

5. More cardinal method for sealing of an aquarium: remove all glass and carefully clean from old silicone (cut off bulk a knife, and wash away the rest water with soap, absolutely wipe paper). Wipe glass where there will pass the seam, with the sponge moistened with acetone then put a layer of sealant and apply an aquarium wall. Smear silicone on a seam any make-shift, it is possible even a finger.

6. If the aquarium bottom cracked, take the glass strip blocking a crack and degrease everything acetone. Smear a bottom with silicone sealant and apply a strip. Once again well miss the mark all faces, providing tightness, there should not be no bubble or a crack. Leave an aquarium to dry for a week. Before putting it into place, make sure that all surface of a bottom will lean on a support table-top, otherwise repair will help not for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team