How to save a kitten from fleas

How to save a kitten from fleas

Fleas are the little wingless insects living on an integument of an animal and eating blood. They meet at the cats contacting to the individuals living on the street rather often. On one animal about 200 parasites can live. But if to adult cats they bring only physical sufferings, then the kitten can have dangerous to his life fleas therefore it is necessary to get rid of them.

It is required to you

  • - shampoo from fleas;
  • - tar soap.


1. On sale there are special shampoos with addition of the components destroying fleas. Being going to apply them to a kitten, consider that means has to be adapted for early age, otherwise the high dose of toxins is capable to win not only fleas, but also to poison the kid.

2. The old and checked way helping to bring fleas at a kitten includes bathing with tar soap. Tar soap can be bought in pharmacies, and it costs several times cheaper, than fashionable shampoos. To destroy fleas, it is necessary to wet carefully wool and an animal underfur then to soap it, up to the skin. Special attention needs to be paid to a stomach and a back as exactly there fleas accumulate in especially large number. After that, it is desirable to hold an animal in a bathtub or a basin at least five minutes, and then to carefully wash away soap.

3. Removal of fleas is a long process therefore be ready that after the first bathing there can be new copies of parasites as on skin there are eggs of fleas. To reduce this probability, after bathing lay an animal on dark fabric and carefully comb out wool a fine-tooth comb. On a black rag the combed-out eggs of fleas will be visible with the naked eye.

4. After bathing to prevent appearance of new parasites, it is possible to put on a kitten a special collar from fleas. It frightens off adult individuals of parasites and works up to three months. If the animal walks down the street, such collar is simply necessary.

5. Do not forget to stretch carefully a laying on which the kitten slept, or to replace it with new. On fabric there are larvae and eggs of fleas.

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