How to save an animal from a stress

How to save an animal from a stress

Yes, your cat or a shaggy dog can have a stress and very strong too. To help a canine friend to cope with nervous breakdowns, it is important to understand what causes them.

Think of soft and fluffy

If you see that your pet hid in a corner, often and falteringly breathes, refuses food and behaves atypically, it is necessary to think of its emotional state and to understand what could cause it. Often stressful situations for our animals are those vital moments which pleases ourselves. For example, a trip to the country or a noisy party with friends. Cats, dogs and even budgerigars will have unpleasant feelings, is disturbed their habitual life and what it threatens with, still it is unknown.

Any animal surely has to have an opportunity to hide to the shelter or to leave there where it will feel in safety. For a dog it can be a stove bench or even own chair, for a cat – a special lodge or an old sofa in a corner. The main thing that your favourite knew for sure that there is a place to which it is possible to hide where it will be possible to have a rest and think of life. Believe, it is not less important for dogs and cats, than for each of us! You watch that "lodge" constantly was in one place, but did not move on all apartment. It will give to your pet tranquility and will give feeling of security.

Rodents and stress

At small animals, especially at rodents, the big stress is often connected with moving. More precisely, with need to transfer this moving in a small close container without windows and doors. Agree, for a rodent a little pleasant will be in realizing that he is carried goodness knows where and not to have at the same time an opportunity to observe the events. It is possible to avoid a similar stress if to get carrying with an opening for the review. It is better to choose a cage or a container for a rodent spacious and with transparent walls, but in it surely there has to be a shelter. Rodents are the animals preferring lonely rest in the small secluded town. If you provide to the pet it – he will not suffer from a stress.

Be not enough!

Very often animals have a stress at communication with small children or new family members – those can not know how to treat pets it is correct. But even owners are capable to do much harm on ignorance to the little small animal or a bird, having caught it behind or from a back. For small animals the similar movement is instinctively perceived as the attack of a predator, and a stress to it is provided automatically. Try to avoid similar situations – it will provide to your pets more comfortable life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team