How to sew a cap for a dog

How to sew a cap for a dog

Several years ago the dog in clothes caused bewilderment, and even sneers of passersby. And today many dogs have very extensive clothes. If you plan to dress up the pet too, all necessary can be got in shop. But it is much more interesting to create dog dresses independently. It is possible to begin with the simplest – for example, with a cap.

It is required to you

  • - centimetric tape;
  • - rags of soft fabric;
  • - scissors;
  • - needles and threads;
  • - tapes for ties;
  • - linen elastic band.


1. Estimate needs of your pet. The cap from the sun can be necessary for pugs, bulldogs and other korotkoshersty dogs. The headdress protecting ears from dirt and litter is simply necessary for spaniels and basset hounds with long trailing ears. And eternally feeling chilly toy terriers and a chihuahua need a warm cap for the winter.

2. Any soft rags of fabric will be suitable for production of dog headdresses. You should not use rigid, prickly, crispy materials – they can irritate your pet.

3. The simplest option of a headdress – a cap pipe. It will suit lop-eared dogs. The main appointment is not to allow street litter and dirt to cling to wool on ears. For wet weather the pipe can be sewed from waterproof materials, summer walks require a cap from light mesh fabric. Quite good caps turn out also from thin knitwear, and especially warm options sew from fluffy fleece.

4. Take measurements of a dog. You need a neck grasp in the widest part (width of future cap) and distance from the lower part of a neck to a forehead (respectively, its length). Having made an allowance 3 centimeters on width and 6 centimeters on length, you will find a rectangle from fabric. Fold it double and sew. The turned-out pipe has to be put on the head of a dog freely. On both parties make podgib and hem. In each podgib pass an elastic band, having adjusted it on neck width. Turn out a product.

5. Dogs with standing ears will suit other option of a cap. It can be made warm, and it is possible also summer, protecting from the sun. You will find from the chosen fabric a rectangle which length is equal to circumference (plus an allowance for seams), and width – height of ears (taking into account an allowance too). A cap bottom – a circle which diameter is equal to circumference. If you plan to make a cap lined, increase an allowance. Tack cap details, having connected a rectangle on width, and then having sewn a bottom to its long party. For the best fixing on the head of a dog sew on both parties of a cap of a tape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team