How to sew carrying for a cat

How to sew carrying for a cat

Cats quite often should travel. On exhibitions, to the dacha, on the new apartment, and even in a holiday to strange lands together with careful owners. In all these cases the bag carrying is necessary. It can be bought in pet-shop, but it is possible and to sew. In this case you will precisely know of what materials the thing, so necessary for a travel, is made.

It is required to you

  • - the calendered kapron for top;
  • - penofol or paracaptivity;
  • - flannel for a lining;
  • - mosquito net;
  • - 4-5 buttons;
  • - lightning;
  • - parachute slings or corsage tape;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - kapron and cotton threads;
  • - needles;
  • - chalk or soap;
  • - squared paper;
  • - pencil or ball pen.


1. Estimate the sizes. The cat has to be located freely in a bag, but at the same time there should not be very many place. Length of carrying is about 1.5 lengths of an animal from a nose prior to the beginning of a tail. Width and height — are slightly more than a half of length.

2. Draw a pattern on a squared paper. Construct a rectangle for a bottom according to the sizes. A side part can be cut out in the form of a strip which width is equal to carrying height, and length — to bottom perimeter. For the top valve draw a rectangle too. On length it the same as bottom, but width it is about one and a half times more.

3. Cut out details from heater, the calendered kapron and a flannel. Make the top valve without heater, only of a flannel and a calender. You will find one more valve from an antimosquito grid.

4. Sew a framework from heater. If you use penofol, collect a box so that the foil appeared outside. Sew paracaptivity the kapron threads passed in a thick needle. The framework can and be stuck together all-purpose adhesive. Smear faces, densely press to them long edges of side parts and let's preparation dry.

5. To the bottom from the calendered kapron tack and you pristrochit long strips of a side part. It is the best of all to cut the calendered fabrics the soldering iron on a ruler, in this case seams can be not processed. Cut off from parachute slings or a corsage tape 2 belts 1.5-2 m long for handles. Plan their situation on preparation. Handles have to be symmetrized and cover all carrying, except the top valve. Tack them and a pristrochita then sew short strips of a side part.

6. Put inner side flannel and calender valves. Sweep away and stitch together all seams, besides, by which the valve will be sewn to a back part of carrying. Seams also turn out a razutyuzhta a detail on the face. Iron an open cut on inner side, then turn in allowances inside and again iron. Sheathe the valve from an antimosquito grid on edge a tape, having folded it double. Leave not sheathed edge which will pritachivatsya to a back part. Enclose an open cut of the mesh valve in basic allowances. Tack the valve to a back part of carrying and a pritachayta.

7. Sweep away and stitch together short seams of sidewalls. Enclose in an external detail a framework from heater and sew in several places paracaptivity to allowances. Allowances can be pasted to paraplenovy details.

8. You will find and sew a lining. Seams have to be on inner side. The sidewall can be made one detail that it was not necessary to potter with corners. Process cuts overloky. Turn out a lining so that its front part was in carrying, and enclose it in a framework from heater. Turn in allowances of external and internal parts of a bag. Sweep away them and a sostrochita on the face at distance of 0.1 cm from edge.

9. On both valves cut through and sweep off loops. On a front part of carrying sew buttons. Handles can be sewed together, but it is possible to attach to them plastic buckles. In this case length will be regulated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team