How to sew to a cat clothes

How to sew to a cat clothes

Some cat breeds need warming in the winter. These are nonhairy and bald cats to which due to the lack of a woolen cover happens quite cold: Canadian and Don sphinxes, Peterbalds. There is a set of specialized clothing stores for cats in whom it is possible to get cat's new things, from the simplest models to design. But much more interesting option it seems to cat to sew clothes independently especially as it is not too difficult.

It is required to you

  • fabric, patterns, sewing machine, fasteners, laces, buttons


1. Even if you are not able or do not want to eat with very simple option of clothes for a cat. It is necessary to buy warm knitted socks of the big size. Then socks are cut off from two parties so that "pipe" turned out. Openings for paws are cut – and the sleeveless jacket for a cat is ready.

2. Rather simple option of clothes for a cat – overalls. It is necessary to measure an animal and to draw a pattern. Openings for a neck and a tail should not hold down movements, sleeves on paws should be done free too. Optimum fabric – jersey. Easy, warm and stretching, it will not prevent a cat to move. She will quickly get used to new clothes. The fastener is done either on a back, or on a stomach. The first option is more preferable.

3. The clothes for a cat can and be knit. Having bought soft wool and having picked up a style, it is possible to set to work. In such business as knitting of clothes for the pet, is where to clear up imaginations!

4. The suit sewed by you has to be pleasant to a cat first of all. If she dumps her, perhaps, not all in clothes seems to her convenient, and it is necessary to pick up other option. Remember that these clothes are necessary first of all to a cat, but not you so it is not necessary to add something only for appearance. The cat, most likely, will not estimate it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team