How to speak with a cat

How to speak with a cat

Cats love communication. They developed superfeelings which give them the chance to conduct intensive social life, communicating with us in nonverbal languages. If you are observant, then will be able quite to understand about what poses and some provisions of a cat's body signal. Quite really you can learn to understand intonations of their sounds, miaows and rumblings. Remember that for cats sense of smell – important function, and smells are the integral component them life.


1. Zoologists counted the 25th visual a signal of cat's language of a body. Besides, they can be combined in sixteen ways. Learn to understand basic signs of a sign language of cats - you will know that your favourite wants to tell you.

2. The blind person newbornof kitten will always find a way to a maternal nipple. At it since the birth the sense of smell, touch and abilities to feel warmly is developed. On sense of smell he distinguishes a maternal nipple to which he returns to each feeding. The cat mom recognizes the kittens by their personal smell too. Thus, information, major for cats, is put how to communicate in language of smells.

3. The sound combination reminding human ""meow"" a huge variety cannot transmit sounds which make a lexical stock of cats. The cat has 16 main voice signals, and it is even more - indiscernible for your hearing.

4. Among sounds there are even signals of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound is available to the cat's hearing more sensitive to a wide range of frequencies. You should not treat cats as with deaf animals. It is even ridiculous from the point of view of the expert. Because of your loud voice a cat will constantly be in nervous tension. Remember that rather normal tone that you were heard.

5. The cat perfectly remembers your separate words. Only you tell them accurately and without repetitions if you want to achieve consecutive reaction. If the clever cat acquired the Walk team and readily goes to a door, then do not repeat this word in a row several times. For it three lexical units will merge in one difficult, absolutely others "гулятьгулятьгулять".

6. Find that button which will interest a cat in communication with you. It depends on preference of your cat. Most often such encouragement is favourite delicacy. For those who consider it "bribery", it is necessary to remind that the award at work does not cause in them the negative attitude towards the chief. Though there are many cats for whom the warm praise is sufficient motive for repetition of the action. Anyway, it is proved that the cat is very compliant when hungry. Always talk to her in five minutes prior to food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team