How to start fishes in an aquarium

How to start fishes in an aquarium

Many dream to have houses a small piece of the underwater kingdom. The aquarium allows not only to behold fine, but also to join the amazing world of underwater inhabitants, to learn a lot of new and interesting of their life.


1. So, you decided to get an aquarium. First of all study literature on aquarium husbandry, decide what type of an aquarium you want to get and what small fishes you want to contain in it.

2. You do not hurry to buy everything at once. For a start you need to get a technical part: an aquarium, filter and aerator, light, heater, thermometer. Then it is necessary to choose soil, plants and snails (if you plan them to get). Small fishes at this stage you should not buy, in the beginning they need to equip the house.

3. Establish an aquarium, fill up in it the washed-out soil, fill capacity on 1/3 otstoyanny tap water. Install the equipment. Then plant plants, put on ornament soil in the form of relief stones, specially prepared snags, sculptures. Fill an aquarium with water and connect all equipment. Now it is possible to start several snails.

4. After that the aquarium begins ""to ripen"". Water becomes populated by microflora, there are various chemical and physical processes. During this period water is not suitable for settling by small fishes. It is necessary to wait until it dims (it is natural process), and then again will become transparent. As a rule, ""maturing"" lasts about one-two weeks.

5. Process can be accelerated by means of various water conditioners which are on sale in pet-shops. After water becomes crystal and transparent, it is possible to go for small fishes.

6. When choosing small fishes it is necessary to consider their compatibility and also similarity in conditions of keeping (rigidity, water temperature, illumination, etc.). It is also necessary to calculate quantity of small fishes on your aquarium that to all inhabitants it was comfortable correctly.

7. Try to buy small fishes in pet-shop which is near the house as transportation on a long distance negatively affects their health.

8. Having arrived home you do not hurry to start new residents in an aquarium. In the beginning rinse a package of small fishes under flowing water, and then place it in an aquarium to make even temperatures. 10 minutes later add in a sack with small fishes of aquarian water for equalizing of the chemical composition and wait even minutes 15. After that carefully let out small fishes to the new house.

9. At first small fishes can be slaughtered under the filter or plants is a normal reaction to change of a situation. Let's them look round and recover a little, then feed a little. In several days of a small fish will get used to new conditions of keeping, and you will be able to watch the small underwater world in all his beauty!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team