How to store a dry feed

How to store a dry feed

Dry feeds for animals – a convenient and useful alternative of food from a table d'hote. Economical owners try to buy packing more – large packing will cost cheaper. But there is a question – how to store the forage acquired for the future that he did not lose the useful qualities?

It is required to you

  • - containers and banks for storage of a forage;
  • - tanks for loose products;
  • - garbage bags.


1. If you bought several small packs, do not open new, previous did not end yet. You should not offer the pet fish platter for breakfast and meat granules – for dinner. The animal does not need a similar variety and quietly eats the same lump several days in a row. Not opened packages are stored long and do not lose the properties.

2. Choose packing with plastic clips - after printing it is densely closed and conveniently stored. Reusable, its fastener is enough for all term of use of a package.

3. Look in pet-shop for convenient capacity for storage of a forage. It can be soft containers with a zipper, cans with densely ground in covers or plastic bags with clips. They are not especially expensive, but look beautifully and protect a forage from damage, dust and unauthorized penetration of the pet.

4. You do not store a granule in open tanks. They dry, lose aroma, attractive to animals, and useful substances. Besides the specific smell of a forage will extend on all room. Be not surprised if animals refuse to eat the food which long stayed in the open air – for them it is not of interest.

5. Try to pour a forage into food containers. It is possible to acquire the whole set of cans which will successfully fit into an interior of kitchen. Such option is especially convenient for owners of several animals, each of which has own diet. In a big can it is possible to keep a forage for a dog, in average – food of an adult cat, and in small – granules for kittens. Place banks on the certain shelf, supply them with labels, and a row place a measured spoon for distribution of portions.

6. If you bought a big bag of a forage for emergency, pour out a part in a container or to bank. Densely curtail an open package, having blocked air access. Place it in a garbage bag, tie it and remove on storages to the storeroom or a case. You store stocks in the dark and dry place – at excessive humidity on granules the mold can appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team