How to support a cat

How to support a cat

If you for the first time got a cat, then have to learn the basic rules of his maintenance, leaving and education. Observe them, and life of your fluffy friend will be comfortable, cozy and joyful.

It is required to you

  • - Tray;
  • - filler;
  • - bowls;
  • - cat's forage;
  • - claw sharpener;
  • - hairbrush.


1. At first equip a toilet for a cat. Choose in pet-shop a bath from plastic or a tray with lattices. Do not use wooden and cardboard boxes, they quickly dampen and become useless.

2. Also buy special filler for a cat's toilet or use sand, fragmentary paper. Regularly change cat's filler if you do not want your pet to find to himself other, most improper place. Try to accustom a cat to visit a toilet constantly. Be attentive and patient in achievement of this very important purpose.

3. Learn to feed the friend having a tail correctly. Do not use for a cat's lunch the remains from a table at all. Remember: what suits you not always suits a cat. Some products can be harmful to her. There is a set of special forages for cats, in them there is everything in order that your pet felt healthy and was full of energy. Getting a cat, be ready to the fact that it is necessary to spend a certain sum from the budget for its food.

4. Also do not forget about drink for a cat. Get a special pan for water and you watch that the cat could always approach it without effort. You watch purity of water, change it as required.

5. That the cat did not begin to sharpen claws about your favourite chair, think up or get some subject for this purpose.

6. Surely comb kittens and adult cats, especially carefully - dlinnoshersty. Get for this purpose a special hairbrush or a brush.

7. Care for a physical condition of a cat: visit the veterinarian with a case of an indisposition of an animal and for routine inspections, regularly do it inoculations. Pay as much as possible attention to your cat, and she will pay back you with caress, heat and attachment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team