How to support a horse

How to support a horse

It is easy to look at horses, and here to look after them absolutely not easy. The correct leaving promotes good condition and mood of a horse. And incorrect actions can become the reason of discontent of an animal and even serious diseases. As it is correct to support a horse?

It is required to you

  • horse, stable, laying: straw, sawdust, peat, water supply system, hose, water


1. Choose the place for a horse. In the summer it can be the fenced territory with a canopy under which the horse can hide during a rain. However with the onset of cold weather such place for stay of an animal will become absolutely unsuitable. Therefore build the stable where the horse will winter. Choose material for construction which will be kept by dryness and heat. The best materials for the stable are the tree and a brick, and here it is better not to use concrete and block raw materials since in the stable it will be cold and damp.

2. It is the best of all if horses are in certain rooms – stalls. Height of a ceiling has to be about three meters, and windows have to be located in 1.5-2 m from a floor. Between stalls has to be partitions 2.5 m high. For comfortable movement of a horse, the place allocated for her has to be not less than 9 m (3 on 3), it is desirable that it was more spacious. Track that all doors in the stable opened outside, and their height was not less than 2.4 m, and width - 1.2.

3. At the stall of a horse there has to be a laying on which she will be able to have a rest and where unpleasant smells and sewage will be absorbed. Build it from straw, sawdust or peat. Change a laying daily to avoid various infections. Best of all use it as fertilizer.

4. Establish a water supply system. It will give you the chance to wash a horse by means of a hose. Especially it will be useful in hot days and after the horse worked.

5. Pay special attention to food of a horse. Remember the major rule: at first to give to drink and only then to feed. Bring to a horse of water only after she gets drunk much, start feeding. And by no means not on the contrary!

6. Look after also appearance of a horse: cut wool, you watch for a condition of horseshoes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team