How to support a kitten

How to support a kitten

The kitten is taken away from his cat's family not earlier, than he will be two months old. By this time he has to be accustomed to independent food and personal care. Therefore the new owner needs to maintain the acquired skills of moustached-striped only.

It is required to you

  • - tray for a toilet,
  • - bowl for food,
  • - bowl for water,
  • - toys,
  • - claw sharpener.


1. Before arrival of the new resident prepare the house for its meeting. Cats are curious by nature, and kittens are curious three times as much. Perform thorough inspection of the apartment. Define and close all secret places where the little researcher can get. Pay special attention to windows: it is better to equip them with protective grids. The gas stove, electric heaters constitute special danger to a curious nose and the vital whiskers of a kitten. The kitten not only everything tries to investigate, but also tries on tooth what occurs to it in the path. For its safety it is necessary to track that all wires and poisonous household chemicals were inaccessible to it. For own tranquility remove far away valuable things, favourite blouses and earphones which as practice shows, especially are to the taste to chetverolapy gourmets.

2. The toilet for a cat has to be located in the secluded chanceless place. It is desirable to decide on its situation once and for all, but not to transfer from place to place. Trays happen two types: with a grid and without it. In trays without grid surely fill filler, under a grid – at will. Specify at the owner of mom cat to what tray the kitten is accustomed. It is worth beginning with it and to retrain if desired gradually. If the kitten began to fuss, dig and mew, especially after a meal, means time to get acquainted with a toilet came. Carry the kid in his tray. If necessary he is tender, but persistently place on the right place until all affairs are successfully made. Sometimes at a kitten not everything turns out from the first. If the kitten made a pool in not put place, wet a piece of toilet paper in urine and put it in a tray. Attracted with own smell, the kid will decide on the right place rather.

3. It is necessary to find out from the previous owners also about food to which the kitten got used. It is necessary to transfer to other food gradually. The kitten up to three months needs to be fed up to 6 times a day in the small portions, to half a year the number of feedings is reduced to 4-5, by a year – to three. For owners of cats there are two ways of feeding of an animal: natural food or ready forages. If you chose natural food, then it is necessary to remember that the kitten cannot eat from our table. Food for it has to be low-fat, unsalted and unsweetened. Choose fermented milk products dietary and without additives. From meat preferably beef and a bird, in a boiled or crude, peremorozhenny look. Freezing of meat allows to avoid infection with parasites. Eggs and cereals in the form of porridges also have to enter a kitten diet. Surely add to food special vitamins for kittens. When feeding by ready-made feeds vitamin supplements are not required. It is better to choose a forage a premium class and it is obligatory taking into account age. The dry feed up to three months is given only in the soaked look. After three months it is possible to leave "croutons" in a bowl all day, but not to give out in the portions. The kitten always has to have an access to a pan with clear fresh water.

4. From early age of the kid it is worth accustoming to a claw sharpener. You carry a kitten to it as soon as he begins to tear up furniture. Spend him by pads on a claw sharpener. If slightly to press on small pillows, then the kid will let in claws. You praise the pet every time when he sharpens claws in the put place. It will set the received skills. The kid has to have enough toys not to miss and to reach for your things. Toys should be chosen as rather large, without fine details which can be swallowed.

5. The two-month kitten is already able to look after the purity. The owner needs to watch purity a peephole and if necessary to wipe them with special lotion or boiled water. In process of pollution accurately you clean to the pet ears Q-tips with use of ear lotion. Once in 3-4 months give to a cat glistogonny tablets. After three months address the veterinarian for scheduling of necessary inoculations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team