How to support a parrot of a cockatoo

How to support a parrot of a cockatoo

More and more people prefer to get as pets of various birds. The most widespread option are parrots, and not wavy, but a cockatoo. These animals attract many with the fact that they have not only beauty, but also intelligence. Besides these qualities of future owners of this bird interests also the fact that duration of her life practically same, as well as at the person. In other words, such pet will carry out with you long and for many years, on condition of the correct contents. Also there is a wish to talk about it in more detail.


1. Before getting a parrot of a cockatoo, it is necessary to prepare for it a cage. Its size depends on dimensions of your pet - in it he has to feel comfortable and is spacious. Also when choosing a cage it is worth paying attention to material of which it is made, and on thickness of rods. It is the best of all to give preference metal as any other the parrot simply can destroy by means of the powerful beak.

2. Having bought a suitable cage for your pet, it is necessary to equip it correctly. First of all place in it bar with calcium. It is necessary in order that the bird could grind off the powerful beak. You should not forget and about poles - them there have to be not less than two. This animal, as they say, differs in mind and ingenuity therefore superfluous will not lock it, otherwise it will open a door of the dwelling and many troubles will do.

3. After the cage equipment for a parrot, it is necessary to put it, to suspend more true, on height of human growth to such place which has sufficient lighting. Keep in mind that drafts are extremely harmful to a cockatoo. Also they should not be near heating devices.

4. As for purity, the cage needs to be cleaned daily. It is also extremely important to change to a parrot every day water and a forage. If a forage not perishable, then it is possible not to touch it for several days.

5. When keeping a cockatoo in house conditions it is very important to watch that the bird received enough ultraviolet. When on a parrot not enough sunlight gets, it is necessary to establish an ultra-violet lamp and to include it from time to time.

6. That your pet remained healthy and pleased you long and for many years, it is necessary to feed him correctly. Generally the diet of a cockatoo has to consist of grain mixes, but in addition you can feed up him fresh fruit and also green and yellow vegetables, eggs and grated cheese. You do not feed a bird with the following products at all: cabbage or salad, parsley and avocado. Remember that the cockatoo cannot use caffeine at all. If to take all above-mentioned rules of keeping of a cockatoo in attention, then your favourite pet will live with you long and healthy life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team