How to support a turtle

How to support a turtle

The turtle, though is considered an exotic animal, meets in houses not so seldom. Fans of turtles even claim that their pets are capable of emotions, as well as mammals. Turtles demand serious leaving, they need the conditions which are most imitating natural. At some owners of a turtle perish because of the wrong contents. You bring the pet only if are sure that you will be able correctly to look after him.

It is required to you

  • terrarium, ultra-violet lamp, the warming lamp


1. Turtles are overland and water. Overland skulls feed with vegetables, fruit, salad, dandelions, a clover. It is possible to give them dairy products with a small share of fat content, meat, boiled eggs. Sometimes turtles are given mollusks and earthworms. Young turtles approximately up to one and a half years are fed daily, then begin to give food every other day. The turtle is more senior, the more vegetable food should be given her.

2. Water skulls feed with meat, worms, crustaceans gammarus, fish, but not too fat, also give them plants, fruit and vegetables. All practically also, as well as with overland. That water in which there live water turtles did not become soiled from a forage, it is possible to feed from hands – to accustom to swim up, for example, on knock by fingers on glass, and I go to give on tweezers.

3. The turtles living houses need to be fed up in addition vitamins. In shops for animals the special vitamin and mineral complexes intended for turtles are on sale. Vitamins give to pets together with food.

4. Turtles are not public animals, to them quite well and alone. But several pets will interact, it is very interesting. It is necessary that there were not less than three turtles, two will constantly battle for the territory. It is necessary to pick up animals that by the size and force they not too differed. You feed them much that it did not become the cause of the conflicts.

5. The terrarium is necessary for a water turtle, and it is desirable that it was at overland which can buy a second-hand aquarium. Perhaps, it somewhere proceeds therefore will cost much less. The water turtle needs a good terrarium. If you decided to make it independently, not to use the main thing for glass fastening toxic and harmful materials.

6. Ultra-violet light therefore it will be required to buy a special lamp is necessary for turtles. It is possible to buy a usual UF-lamp in shop of household appliances, and it is possible also in pet-shop (there will be more expensive). Choose the power of a lamp small, medical will not approach. Lift a lamp over a terrarium of 0.5 m or more. It is necessary to irradiate a turtle on 1-2 times a week, within 5 minutes, over time increasing this time to reach up to 30-60 min. daily. Heating of a terrarium let works always, so far light. In summertime it is possible to take out an animal on the street that the turtle got warm in the sun.

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