How to support aquarium fishes

How to support aquarium fishes

Observation of aquarium fishes loads with positive emotions and removes stress. However that the aquarium always pleased you with the attractive look, for its inhabitants the permanent care is necessary.


1. First of all choose the correct aquarium for small fishes. Best of all that it was squared. The ratio of its length to length of the biggest fish has to be not less than 10 to 1. Each aquarium fish needs not less than two liters of water on 1 cm of its length. Therefore do not overpopulate an aquarium small fishes.

2. Ground an aquarium bottom coarse river sand. Carefully wash out it under flowing water at continuous stirring until water becomes absolutely transparent. For filling of an aquarium use soft and clear water. Pour it in an aquarium through the held-up hands or a special funnel to avoid soil degradation. Fill an aquarium with water so that to the upper edge there were 3 – 5 cm.

3. Attach a lamp over a water surface or on an aquarium sidewall, install the compressor and the filter. You watch oxygen content in water and temperature.

4. Daily check integrity of glass. Eliminate a leak at once as soon as you found it. You monitor spawning – replace whitebaits in other aquarium. Water in an aquarium has to be always transparent.

5. Weekly delete the expanded plants. A special scraper clean off raids from aquarium walls. You hold glass always transparent. Level soil a rake. Add water to an aquarium as required. And if you support warm-water small fishes, then the filled-in water has to be 2 - 3 degrees higher. Change water completely only in case of death of a small fish. Constantly remove a dust film from a water surface.

6. Replace bad seaweed with new once a month, delete the damaged leaves of plants. Clean the compressor, decor objects, stones from a raid and dirt. Do not use for this purpose chemical means.

7. You feed small fishes depending on their look. The most important do not overfeed them as it often leads to death. Give 1 – 2 time a day so much forage how many the small fish will eat in 5 minutes. Suck away the remains of a forage the mud scraper.

8. You watch over health of aquarium fishes. The slightest changes of behavior have to guard you. If the atypical condition of a small fish does not change within several days, move her in other vessel, define her disease and immediately begin treatment.

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