How to support aquarium fishes: compatibility

How to support aquarium fishes: compatibility

Many people choose aquarium fishes, considering only their appearance and absolutely forgetting that they can not get on with each other, and it occurs quite often.

Of course, there is a huge number of types of aquarium fishes, and it is almost impossible to remember features all of them. Therefore before purchase of a new look in detail study information on conditions of its dwelling. Do not make rash purchases, having seen the pleasant small fish in pet-shop. In addition there are special tables of compatibility of species of aquarian fishes. You can get such and use as required.

Herbivorous and predatory aquarium fishes

Before buying aquarium fishes, it should be taken into account some rules. First it is not necessary to lodge together different types of predatory fishes because they can injure each other, constant fights in this case will be an everyday occurrence.

It is also not especially recommended to lodge small carnivorous together with large herbivorous. Of course, small small fishes will not be able especially to do much harm large, but will often try to make it. If you lodge together large a predator and small herbivorous small fishes, to you will be not to avoid losses. It is not recommended to lodge large som at all together with the guppy as he is capable to destroy all pack of small small fishes. Skalyariya will not be able to live with little aquarian fishes, especially with neon too.

Features of dwelling of small fishes

In addition before purchase of fishes it is necessary to consider how they live - in group or one by one. If you chose that species of small fishes who live in flock, it is impossible to buy only one. It is necessary to consider feature of accommodation of certain look because some got used to live quite large quantity. Then you should buy the whole pack, otherwise your aquarium fishes can die. Many harmless small fishes become much more aggressive during reproduction and can do much harm to other types. It should be considered too before getting certain fishes. Also many aquarium fishes can have a different habitat. Each species of fishes needs a certain structure and water temperature in an aquarium. If not to meet these conditions of a small fish can die. The compatibility of species of small fishes is very important, but not only condition. A certain amount of water has to fall on each small fish in an aquarium therefore before purchase new make sure that it will have enough place among relatives. In addition do not forget to buy necessary filters. If you want to get in an aquarium still some living creatures, for example, of snails, also make sure whether they will be able to exist together with your species of small fishes.

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