How to support lizards

How to support lizards

Many today, thinking of acquisition of a pet, stop the choice on so-called exotic animals - lizards. What is it? Craze? Desire to be allocated and emphasize the identity? Or just the aspiration to feel new impressions? Anyway, in that case the most important is to be able correctly to support the pet.


1. You lodge lizards only in terrariums. For the correct keeping of any lizards the availability of water is obligatory.

2. Do not forget that on the to the nature lizards - predators. Therefore daily provide them with both vegetable, and animal food.

3. If you bought a lounge-lizard - the inhabitant of tropical forests, plentifully set her terrarium with plants. They will support the necessary level of humidity and will allow an animal to get drunk. These lizards drink not as ordinary animals - they pinch water droplets from leaves of plants. That on leaves drops were always formed, spray plants several times a day, usually recommend to do it in the morning and in the evening.

4. In the habitat the lizards have to take refuge in a shelter from time to time. Provide the pet with similar shelters. Place them taking into account features of biology of a look. For example, for night species of lizards equip the shelter near heating. So it will get warm during the day.

5. Provide enough soil in a terrarium. The lizard has to have an opportunity to dig minks. Soil can be various, but surely absorbing, easily cleaned, and in case of ingestion it is easy to be digested.

6. Lizards need constant heating. But you remember that temperature of the warmed place has to be maintained according to requirements of any given look. For example, viviparous or sand lizards have enough 28 degrees, temperature of 40 degrees, and even is necessary for the Egyptian shipokhvosta above.

7. For the maintenance of different types of lizards use various forms and types of terrariums. For the animals leading a land life equip a horizontal terrarium. Terrariums of vertical type will be suitable for wood lizards better. And lizards who live both on the earth, and on trees will perfectly feel in cubic terrariums.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team