How to support the aquarium fish of a cockerel

How to support the aquarium fish of a cockerel

Small fishes cockerels are suitable for those who love beautiful and unusual aquarium fishes. At fancy coloring of cockerels there are all colors of the rainbow. Besides, these small fishes are very graceful, they have big beautiful fins. There are more than 70 species of these fishes, the most popular - the Thai cockerels who at first could not adapt to life in bondage in any way. But enthusiasts managed to carry out serious selection work therefore everyone can get these lovely creatures of the house now.

Features of keeping of a small fish of a cockerel

Water temperature in an aquarium has to be maintained in limits of 25 degrees - not below. Hardness of water - 4-15, acidity - from 6 to 7.5. If to place floating plants on a water surface, cockerels will not try to jump out of an aquarium. A layer of earth - 3 cm, it quite is enough. It is possible even to take dark soil, these small fishes in the nature live in small reservoirs where water muddy. And they look on such background effectively. You can paste over a back wall with dark paper for creation of contrast. Or throw a piece of an almond leaf in water - it will a little tint it.

To look after cockerels rather easily. The aquarium has to be at least on 10 liters. But in small space it is possible to place only one individual. It is undesirable to place inhabitants there. Two males will surely find each other, will put up a fight. And the gentleman can exhaust a little female to exhaustion. Though ladies can come across aggressive, they can even kill a persistent male.

If in an aquarium there live several individuals and one got sick, then isolate it immediately from the others, only after that begin treatment.

What to feed a cockerel small fish with

In food quality the live and frozen forage approaches. In this question the cockerels are small fishes not choosy. Some aquarians at deficiency of a forage feed them the washed-out earthworms.

Only consider - at the bottom of an aquarium food pieces should not accumulate, however, this rule concerns all species of fish.

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