How to take guardianship over a wild animal in a zoo

How to take guardianship over a wild animal in a zoo

Over animals in a zoo both the physical, and legal entity can take guardianship — for the help to a zoo. For the help the trustees acquire the right for some bonuses.

First of all guardianship implies donation of food for the ward for a certain sum, or donation of money for their acquisition. Therefore to become the trustee, it is necessary to sign the contract of donation with a zoo. The diet pays off for a month for each animal individually (it is possible to learn from administration or on the zoo website) is and there will be your monthly donation. However, food cost for some animals is very high therefore the trustee can pay it completely (and in this case will become the only trustee), or not completely, but is obliged to bring donation of the sum which was not less specified in the contract (then "your" animal can have also other trustees). Along with feeding the trustee can pay and keeping of an animal (as a rule, 50% of feeding cost).

Individuals can issue guardianship for the love of animals, desires to help a zoo. Besides, unless it is not tempting to carry a rank of the trustee of the real hippopotamus or grizzly bear? For legal entities it also a possibility of self-advertisement — trustees are surely specified on plates near open-air cages.Also the philanthropist receives documentary confirmation — the certificate of the trustee. He among the first learns about events in life of the ward of an animal and if that has an addition, the trustee can name newborns. About trustees write on the website and in press releases of a zoo, in certain cases even point references to the websites of trustees (certainly, to a closing date of the contract). Under certain conditions subscriptions on visit of a zoo are provided to the trustee. In certain cases the trustee can be photographed with the ward (if that is not dangerous), and even to attract an animal for shooting of the commercial. And if the trustee suddenly wants to hold a thematic event — day of a name of the ward ("Day of a tiger", "Day of a hippopotamus"), then has full authority to offer the idea to administration of a zoo — the truth, in this case the trustee undertakes to support in addition an action financially. About the full list of bonuses it is possible to learn from administration of a zoo of your city.

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