How to tame a chinchilla to hands

How to tame a chinchilla to hands

Chinchillas – the people timid and mistrustful. Having got the fluffy pet and having brought him to the house, do not wait that it will become immediately tender as the cat, on the first call will run to you and to substitute a back under strokings. To be credible a chinchilla, and, especially, to accustom her to hands, not easy and will demand time.


1. While chinchillas get used to the new house, try to protect them from a bigger stress. You do not rustle, do not try to vykolupat a small animal from a cage (if for keeping of a chinchilla the cage is chosen), do not do with him a number of sharp movements. Let the chinchilla will grow roots.

2. Daily communicate with the pet, you approach his cage, talk with him by the low calming voice. Let's an animal get used to you.

3. Prepare delicacies with which treat the small animal sitting in a cage. Chinchillas do not eat some candy and cookies. Dried apples, the dried berries of a hawthorn and a dogrose will become the best delicacy for a small animal.

4. At first leave delicacy to the pet in a cage. Begin to offer yum-yum from a hand later. Sooner or later yours shush by all means will take from you from a palm or from fingers a sukhofrukt piece the amusing pads.

5. Gradually, when "mouse" will get used to you, and will not shun too any more, try to offer accurately it "a friendship palm". It is unlikely for the first time the animal itself will go to you to hands. Your task is to take a chinchilla on hands as it is possible more accurately, having tried to avoid as much as possible a stress for a small animal. It is possible to take an animal only on a palm, not under paws and not for wool at all. Chinchillas have a protective mechanism – wool rejection. Perhaps, it is connected with places of radical dwelling of a small animal – the South American mountains. When long and dense fur of an animal was jammed between rocks or stones, nothing remained to a small animal how to get rid of the got stuck wool scrap. With the predator which seized a chinchilla by wool, this reception worked too. Your task is to teach an animal not to be afraid of your hands. Every time after you took a small animal on hands, encourage it with delicacy.

6. The next stage – joint walks. If you want your pet sometimes to warm up the pads, running about the room, choose time for walks. Surely secure the place where they will pass (remove wires, footwear, paper, close doors, stop up all cracks in which the chinchilla could get through) and you can enjoy every day communication with the pet not through cage rods. On "playground" for an animal for the period of walks surely leave toys – "on to gnaw oak shchepochka", the container with thin sand, something else. Walks – a fine opportunity for the owner and the fluffy favourite to play and communicate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team