How to tame a decorative rabbit

How to tame a decorative rabbit

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Decorative rabbits are lovely and absolutely charming beings. They look as plush toys, funny move and move with noses so touchingly that it is possible to watch it for hours. Certainly, if you bring at yourself such kid, there is a strong wish that he was tame and tender. But, unfortunately, the krolchat not really hurry to jump to you on hands and do not even allow to iron themselves. How to tame such rabbit?


1. If your main goal – a rabbit which can be ironed and carried on hands is better to approach the choice of future pet with heavy responsibility. Some breeds are initially more friendly, than others, and it is necessary to buy such rabbits who from generation to generation showed excellent ability to domestication. Besides, if you have such opportunity, surely talk to manufacturers and ask to choose for you a rabbit from couple which was the most manual. It is proved that tender domestic rabbits descend the qualities. If you want to spend with the kid more time during the day, buy a fluffy rabbit. Owing to need he should get used that you take it on hands for daily comb-out, and it will only help over time you.

2. Stock up with patience and do not try to impose to a little rabbit the gentle love. Rabbits are beings very timid by nature. They have many natural enemies and therefore constantly to have to hide or run away from somebody. Be indulgent to the alerted behavior of the new pet and give it time to get used to the house and the owners. Be not enough a rabbit from above at all, it for him is equivalent to attack. You should not touch also violently it or to iron. Let the kid himself will show to you interest, only in this case it is possible to touch it carefully.

3. It is not necessary to iron a rabbit or to pull to him hands in a cage, to try to come into contact during its walks about the room much better. Approach the kid and sit down so that to be with him at one height and not to seem much more. In this case the rabbit for certain will become interested in you and will approach to check that you are it. Very much it is pleasant to rabbits when they are ironed on a back and sides, but it is necessary to do it carefully and only when you see that it does not cause to a rabbit trouble. If the kid contracts for fear at your touches, it is better to postpone massage on at times.

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