How to tame a hamster

How to tame a hamster

Hamster by the nature — a lovely and good-natured small animal. However first he is timid and can show a certain share of aggression. In order that he tempered justice with mercy, it is necessary to gain gradually of it the confidence.


1. Arrange a hamster cage nearby, cover with dense fabric and constantly talk with a small animal by a low, quiet voice. The darkness will prevent it to be guided in space, relying on sight therefore it it will become attentive to listen to the environment and to sniff. Being deprived of habitual stimulators and irritants, a small animal it will become active to react to the fact that to him it is only available — your voice.

2. When you understand that the hamster got used to a voice and trusts it, try to treat him with any delicacy (piece of apple, pear, nut, etc.). The lodge in which it can take refuge if is frightened is necessary for a hamster. You can independently make housing of a cardboard box or of a flowerpot. For a small animal the main thing — existence of the closed space hidden from public eyes. Otherwise, he can die from a stress.

3. In couple of days replace dense fabric with easy, translucent, passing light. Continue to tell the next several days with the pet. This time he will see outlines of the hand stretching delicacy.

4. In about five days remove fabric from a cage. Let the small animal see you at a daylight. If suddenly it is frightened and will hide, leave the room for some time to give it the chance to accustom. Then again appear in the field of his sight.

5. Give to a rodent an opportunity to study the lit housing. On it from one to four days can leave. As soon as you understand that he accustomed a little, open a cage and try to take him. For this purpose put a hand on a cage bottom palm up, do not do sharp movements. Certainly, the rodent will not begin to get on a hand at once. Some time he will avoid and if gets a fright, can even bite. But such aggressive behavior meets seldom. For bigger efficiency you can put on a hand some yum-yum — raisin, dried apricots, apple or a nutlet. First the small animal will get used to direct proximity of a hand. Having realized that it is possible to profit, will surely use chance. The first several times the hamster will sharply snatch out delicacy and to run away to the shelter. Over time will understand that there is no danger and will learn to trust you. In few weeks the small animal will begin to get independently with pleasure on a palm.

6. Having for the first time taken a hamster on hands, do not lift him too highly over floor level. Otherwise the small animal can be frightened and will begin to escape desperately. Falling from height often leads to serious injuries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team