How to teach a budgerigar to sit down on a hand

How to teach a budgerigar to sit down on a hand

Budgerigar – active, clever, but also very vulnerable pet whose process of domestication can deliver you a lot of pleasure. These birdies not without reason live in big packs – communication is necessary for them as air. And if there are no other birds nearby – it with pleasure of "signs in pack" you and your members of household. How to achieve that the parrot became tame literally this word – began to sit down to you on a hand?


1. From the first day on the new residence, begin to accustom a volnistik to your presence. You approach its cage, talk to him. A bird's lodge it is worth arranging at the level of your eyes – and to a birdie will be quieter, and it is more convenient to you. First the parrot will be afraid of you, and it is quite natural. He will get used to sounds of your house, the mode of life of its inhabitants. Be not surprised if subsequently you find out that your pet treats each family member differently – these birds are capable to have the opinion.

2. When the parrot ceases to be afraid of you, begin to teach him not to be afraid of your hands - give him delicacy through cage rods. It is better to do it in the morning when he not against to have breakfast. Perhaps not at once, but the birdie nevertheless will decide to take from you delicacy. After that begin to make periodically in its cage some manipulations with objects – correct a mirror, fix a short flight of stairs, etc. If your feathery friend ceased to jump aside from your hand, put delicacy in a palm and offer it. You hold a hand at such distance that it could not get palm contents from a pole – let will try to jump on it, or, at least, to rise one pad.

3. Do not wait for fast result. Process of domestication of a budgerigar lasts up to two months, you should not hurry and neglect some of his stages – so you risk to return to the beginning. And the second time will be much more difficult to gain his trust. When volnistik begins to sit down without fright to you on a hand in a cage, take out it from it. Process of domestication on freedom, so to speak as equals, will progress much quicker. Only do not forget about rules of safe walk – remove everything that can do harm to your pet, and surely return it in a lodge in the evening – for its safety.

4. And, finally, some more councils. If you want to receive completely tame pet – he needs to be taken to yourself to younger. Birdies are more senior are tamed much worse. Be patient. If at present you not in mood – do not approach a cage better. Sharpness you can bring to naught all your previous efforts. You treat to a budgerigar as small, but persons, and he will surely answer you with the same, allocating from all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team