How to teach a budgerigar to talk

How to teach a budgerigar to talk

Owners of budgerigars can brag of the talkative pet on an equal basis with owners of a cockatoo or zhako too. To teach to speak it is more difficult than a budgerigar, it is possible to achieve success if to know several subtleties of this business.


1. Males study quicker than females though the last pronounce words more accurately. The parrot speaks only on condition of his single contents.

2. Young growth more capable to training therefore it is necessary to buy a parrot aged up to 40 days. To understand that, a male or a female, it is possible on the expressed differences. Young females have a white voskovitsa and bluish, about nostrils there is a light fringing. At males it is painted in pink color.

3. With a young parrot it is necessary to enter into strong friendship. As parrots sociable birds, cannot long be in loneliness and seek to find to themselves the friend. The pet accustom to take a forage from a hand, to sit down on a hand or a shoulder. Often talk to him, scratch about an ear opening. The main thing to observe patience if the bird stubborn does not want to study, then it is impossible to break and to shout at her.

4. When the budgerigar absolutely gets used, begin to tell him simple words. It can be a nickname or a greeting. It is not necessary to load a parrot information, let he at first will learn no more than two words. It is better to begin to teach a parrot since morning before giving a forage. It is possible to allow it to listen to the written-down sound, but not longer than 40 minutes on one session.

5. After the constant trainings the budgerigar will pronounce the first word. On sounding it will be not absolutely accurate, but over time pronunciation will improve. Now it is possible to teach a parrot and to other words, phrases and even a song. Especially well parrots remember a rhyme.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team