How to teach a canary to sing

How to teach a canary to sing

At canaries it is beautiful sing only males can, and samochka make low and not perceptible sounds. Singing of a kenar is influenced by several factors, for example, a chistoporodnost of a bird, natural voice data and, of course, qualitatively chosen teacher. Males should be trained in singing at young age as after three years they cease to remember sounds. It is possible to make it in various ways.


1. Training with the help in the uchitelyasamy good way of training of young growth is their contents near the teacher. Seat young singers on separate cages, and from above establish a cage with a skilled kenar. In six or seven months the males will remember the song by the teacher and will constantly repeat it. Surely watch training process if you see what some of birds distorts a song knee – immediately transplant it, otherwise you risk to spoil singing of the others.

2. A zatemneniyakletka with young people kenary darken a way so that the bird could see only a forage and water. The teacher needs also to be covered densely. Serially cages open to allow a canary to go to bat a little. In the beginning open the teacher, and the pupil listens carefully, then the bird is covered, having revealed a young male. Repeat such procedures every day 30-40 minutes. It is very good to apply this way if you prepare birds for an exhibition. It is worth opening a bird how she reflex will at once start singing.

3. Training with the help to a zapisivklyuchayta to a bird three or four times a day record of a song of a skilled male. It is possible to train both in opened, and in the covered cage. Do not leave record for long time, otherwise the young male will quickly be tired. 35-45 minutes of listening are considered an optimal variant. Later let's a kenar have a rest and try to repeat heard, and after a while put record again.

4. Training by means of musical instruments and others to a ptitsnaigryvayta to the young singer a melody on the chosen tool. For example, it can be svistochek, a pipe or a hand bell. The young male perfectly remembers any foreign sounds and begins to sing them. Only do not play a melody too often, otherwise your birdie will lose interest in training for fatigue. In addition to tools it is possible to allow a kenar to listen to other birds, such as porridge, chaffinch, goldfinch, Moscow forging, big titmouse. Usually more experienced breeders of birds use this way of training.

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