How to teach a cat to go to a tray

How to teach a cat to go to a tray

Keeping of a pet brings to owners not only joy, but also additional cares and efforts. One of frequent problems of owners of cats – schooling of animals to a tray.


1. Get for a cat a tray for a toilet. It has to be convenient and rather big, about 10 - 12 cm high. Put a tray to the place, quiet, lonely, but readily available for a cat. Do not put it in places through passage, in kitchen where the cat eats and sleeps.

2. Fill a tray with special fillers for cat's toilets, the paper, newspapers. Sand and the earth for such purposes are not desirable as wet paws of a cat will carry dirt on a floor. In pet-shops a wide choice of the artificial fillers absorbing moisture and a smell is presented. However you watch that the kitten did not begin to eat filler balls. Rinse a tray with flowing water without use of chemical means.

3. Track behavior of a pet. When the cat wants in a toilet, she begins to behave uneasily, sniffs at the suitable place, mews, scrapes floors claws. At once carry an animal to a tray, stroke and hold while the cat does not descend in a toilet. After that praise a pet, stroke him, try to explain that she made everything correctly. You carry a cat to a tray as often as possible at first after a dream or food.

4. Moisten a piece of paper in urine of a cat if it descended in the undesirable place, and throw in a tray that it became impregnated with a smell. Also you carry solid waste of an animal in a tray. After that bring a cat to a tray and let's it it sniff. After that carefully wash up that place where the cat descended in a toilet. Sprinkle a little a floor special means for elimination of a smell, wipe with vinegar.

5. Show patience, schooling to a tray can take several weeks. Do not beat a cat at all, you do not shout at her that the animal had no desire to be emptied in the wrong places to spite of you. But if within one and a half months the kitten did not learn to go to a toilet in a tray, try to find the reasons. Perhaps, the animal does not like filler or the place for a toilet is chosen inconveniently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team