How to teach a cat to talk

How to teach a cat to talk

On ability to express the feelings, the cat's tribe by right can win first place among pets. Cats are so expressive that sometimes it seems - now will start talking! And involuntarily there is a question whether it is possible? Someone will be skeptical at once. But you should not forget what many pets with ease understand and with pleasure execute our commands, parrots perfectly tell words and the whole phrases. Perhaps, cats can do it too? Remember how often videos meet participation of enough articulately speaking cats!

It is required to you

  • So, if you seriously decided to teach a cat to talk, the mass of patience, understanding and love for your pet will be required, and his favourite cat's delicacy near at hand, for an immediate reward in case of positive results is obligatory.


1. It is the best of all to begin to train not a cat, but a cat. It is known that cats, as well as other male individuals among animals, give in to training easier, react to changes better and adapt.

2. Begin training with the childhood which at cats lasts from several weeks to one year. Practice shows that to train an animal years are more senior it is already useless.

3. Training has to happen in strict isolation of your pet from other cats and cats as houses, and on the street. Your favourite has to be completely concentrated on you, and "not to be distracted" by tribespeople when studying the human speech. Therefore if you want to achieve serious results, it is more preferable to have one cat.

4. It is the best of all to concentrate in training at pronunciation of one word. It will be much simpler to Kot to understand him and to learn if it is connected with food, for example, "meat". You remember, this word needs to be pronounced as often as possible and always to the place.

5. Training has to be constant and persistent. If you want to achieve result, you are not lazy to go on the studied word to a kitten before food. You monitor its reaction. If everything goes as it is necessary, he will quicken at the word "meat" at once, and will understand that now he will be fed. At meal time too unostentatiously repeat this word that the association was fixed. The kitten has to hear the studied word constantly, at least an hour a day during the whole year of training.

6. It is not necessary "to press" on an animal, to try to subordinate to the will. Cats are very independent and freedom-loving, the shown rigidity can only do much harm. You treat a kitten as to "partner" during training, do not offend him. Also do not forget to award with something tasty surely! You remember, he has to be "interested" in positive result of training, as well as you. If your pet categorically does not want to study and does not make contact - better to stop trainings. Look narrowly at it, perhaps, he will prove in something other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team