How to teach a dog to sing

How to teach a dog to sing

Many saw amusing videos where the dog howls to the owner playing the piano or a flute or tries to echo the known musical composition. The "singing" dog – the favourite of guests can also become a clou of the night. It was necessary only to teach your four-footed pet to sing.


1. Pick up a musical instrument or composition which will be pleasant to your dog. Tastes at dogs different: someone will howl to playing an accordion, someone will like a guitar, someone will sing a modern dancing melody, and someone will raise a howl at the first sounds of a chanson. Experiment with various styles and the directions, and, after all, you will find that it is necessary for you.

2. Begin to rock to the mobile phone plain songs without polyphony and include them to the dog. In such a way at you can turn out not teach a dog to sing, but also to get somehow to notes.

3. Think up team which you will tell to a dog that she began to sing. It can be the word "Sing!". As soon as the dog begins to howl to music, say team and give to an animal delicacy. Thus you fix positive reaction at a dog and will save yourself from future problems with neighbors. It is much more convenient when the animal sings on command, but not when to him will take in head.

4. If your dog persistently is silent, show on a personal example what you want from it. Turn on the penetrating music and begin to howl. If the dog can ignore a melody, then she will definitely not be able to neglect voice of the favourite owner.

5. Also collective singing can help. Gather the company of friends and tighten "A black raven". The dog – an animal gregarious, and she by all means will try to join your company.

6. Talk to the dog more often. Most likely, on your words turned to it, she will answer with a tirade in the dog language. Thus, after the animal will get used to answer you, it it is possible to accustom to sing along when you sing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team