How to teach a dog to teams

How to teach a dog to teams

The trained obedient dog – the true pride of the owner. Agree, it is very unpleasant when the dog does not submit or misbehaves, especially if there is it in public places. Therefore most of owners of dogs give the pets about special schools or on training courses, however it is possible to train a dog in teams and independently.


1. Contrary to popular belief, the dog needs to begin to be taught from the most tender puppyish age. It is necessary to repeat patiently those actions which the dog has to carry out from the first day of emergence in the house: to point by her into place, to a bowl, to bring to the street in certain hours, not to allow to come into certain places of the house and so forth.

2. You should not punish an animal up to 3-4 months, at most, that the owner is able to afford, it slightly to slap a puppy the newspaper on a nose. And here it is just necessary to praise and encourage for right actions.

3. The main teams in which train dogs are: ""To Sit!" to Lie!", "Row!", "Attack!", "Foo!", "Jump!", "Stick!", "Revolution!".

4. To teach a dog to teams, it is necessary to follow some recommendations. Give delicacies. Dogs react to food. Small pieces of favourite dog delicacy will strengthen good behavior of a dog.

5. Repeat action. Repetition is key when you teach a dog to teams. They need the sequence to understand what operation them is asked to perform, and repetition that action became stronger in behavior of an animal.

6. Work with a dog every day. Training has to be made on a regular basis in order that teams of steel for a dog reflexes and rules. Occupation, certain time and every day, will guarantee that teams which were studied in the past will be fixed in memory of a dog.

7. Use a clicker. Food - the good choice, but as dogs process information the hearing and catch a smell more, than people, use a clicker to train a dog. Clickers can be bought in any pet-shop. Properly use a clicker to teach a dog to get acquainted with a sound and to follow team. You can use delicacies as an award, but the clicker can be the main educational tool.

8. Use verbal and physical teams. Dogs can connect a word and the manual movement with various actions. When you tell a dog to turn over and will show hands, she will be able to understand and remember team better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team