How to teach a dog to teams - "Dai", "Paw", "Faugh", Aport

How to teach a dog to teams - "Dai", "Paw", "Faugh", Aport

In joint life with four-footed pets the considerable place is taken by education. And even if you are not going to bear guard duty with the friend, training of a dog in teams will allow you to understand better it and considerably will facilitate life.

How to teach a dog to team "Give"

The team "Dai" is very important in everyday life. An opportunity to take away the toy (especially others) found on the earth a bone of doubtful quality and other foreign objects from the pet – an important component of educational process. The team, despite the seeming ease, is one of the major and the most difficult since is based on psychological aspect of trust of your dog to you as to her owner leader. Only the leader has the right to take away something from members of the pack, this law all dogs know from the bottle up. Therefore if training is impossible to you, it is extremely desirable to consult to the dog handler-instructor.

Working off of team is intuitive and simple. The dog has to is on a lead, at grab by her in a mouth of a subject it is necessary to give the command "Dai" and to give a free hand. At once the dog will not approach, it is necessary to help the pet a lead, without allowing discomfortable feelings, carefully, but firmly to take away a subject from a mouth, at the same time saying the command "Give". As soon as the subject appears at you, the rough praise and yum-yum (piece of cheese or a dry liver) follows. The team is worked 4-5 times for one approach, during the day it is desirable to do 4-5 approaches (it concerns learning of any team).

How to teach a dog to the Foo team

The Foo team is similar to previous with only that difference that the dog needs to distract even from the forbidden action, a subject, and not just to spit out something. The team is studied from the cradle as soon as the puppy tries to pursue a cat, to lift something from the earth or to jump on someone. The same lead which serves as means of prevention of action is required, at the same time there is a sharp hail "Foo!"

How to teach a dog to team "Paw"

It is rather entertaining game, than an important part of socialization of the pet. Houses at communication with the pet it is possible to use an incentive method again. Seat a dog near yourself show her the delicacy piece clamped in one hand say sacral "Paw" and other hand raise the pet's paw. Take a paw several seconds in such situation, release and immediately give yum-yum, praise a dog. It is impossible to hurt during this training to an animal at all.

How to teach a dog to the Aport team

The pet according to this team brings objects - it is very useful ability not only in life. However it is necessary to study action only after the end of working off of team "Dai". It is the best of all to train the pet by means of a wooden stick. If you need to bring a hunting dog, it is desirable to make the soft subsocks by the size and a form reminding a carcass of a bird. However it is better to train a hunting dog nevertheless under supervision of the instructor.

Put a dog at the left leg and a pomakhayta before her nose an aportiruyemy subject as if teasing. The dog will want to snap at an irritant, at this moment give the Aport command and allow the pet to take away from you a subject. As soon as the dog squeezes a subject in teeth, treat her with delicacy, praise and continue training.

If a grasp of teeth weak, slightly pull a stick on yourself – the grasp will amplify. As a last resort you can replace a stick with a big tubular bone initially. Aside begin emission of the aport only when capture of an aportiruyemy subject is completely fulfilled. At capture by a dog at the command of the thrown-out aport give the command "Dai" and take away a subject, having praised and having treated at the same time a dog.

Gradually if desired the task can be complicated: to accustom the pet not only to bring, but at first to search aport. Try to diversify aportirovochny objects that at a dog the stereotype was not developed to work only for a stick. It is considered that the team is taught if the dog on command finds and brings the objects thrown on distance not less than 15 meters and gives them to the owner.

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