How to teach a hamster to run in a wheel

How to teach a hamster to run in a wheel

If you bought a hamster, it is very important that he had an opportunity much to move. In the nature these small animals lead very much active lifestyle. The domestic hamster even in a spacious cage has no place to run about especially. Usually this problem is successfully solved by a running wheel. But not all hamsters understand at once what this piece is intended for. How to help them?

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1. First of all, it is necessary to choose a wheel for your pet correctly. Check the wheel size: its diameter has to be not less than 18 cm. If to a hamster in a wheel it is close - he can refuse to run in it, or will get problems with a backbone because it should curve strongly a back at run.

2. Check whether the wheel easily turns, whether the small animal should make too many efforts to get moving forward it. Twist a wheel a hand: if it turns hardly, oil an axis.

3. For safety of a hamster important that on his way there were no cross needles. Otherwise there is a risk that the kid will injure to himself a pad. Therefore it is better to get wheels with a continuous working surface. The wheel which is completely closed on the one hand, and opened with another that the hamster could with ease in it back will get and leave good option.

4. Having made sure that the wheel conforms to all necessary requirements for safety and convenience of a small animal, you can acquaint a hamster with his running exercise machine. Accurately put the pet in a wheel and cover an exit from it with a palm or the sheet of paper. The small animal has to move forward instinctively that the wheel the beginning turns. If he does not guess to make it, try to help him by means of delicacy.

5. Be not upset if your pet does not begin to run at once excitedly in a wheel - he needs to get used to a new subject. Treat the kid with delicacy every time as he will show interest in a wheel. Do not forget that hamsters show the greatest activity in the evening and at night - that is why it is necessary for you will take care of that the wheel was the most silent.

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