How to teach a parrot-nerazluchnika to speak

How to teach a parrot-nerazluchnika to speak

Parrots fairly are considered as the only speaking representatives of fauna and for this reason various people with pleasure get as pets of parrots of different breeds. If some birds easily study pronunciation of words, then others to teach to speak not so simply. But, having made certain efforts, you will be able to teach to speak even parrots-nerazluchnikov.


1. Show patience and persistence in training – it will take time, but as a result your efforts will be rewarded. In order that training was effective, train a parrot it is desirable to speak from the earliest age, from the first day of appearance of a bird in your house.

2. Let a baby bird of a parrot know that he is a full member of your family, and he will want to master the human speech to get closer to people and to begin to imitate them. Warm a parrot, you feed him, help him that he apprehended you a part of the pack.

3. You remember also that males master the speech easier, than a female, but also with those, and with others you can achieve success in training. On training of a female you will spend more time, but the words pronounced by a female will be accurate and beautiful.

4. Your parrots can be more capable or less capable to imitation of the human speech – you can check it on behavior of a parrot. If he tries to imitate all sounds which hears in the yard or on TV, it means that at a bird the expressed abilities to imitation of sounds. Besides, it is important to tame a parrot - he has to trust you and should not be afraid of people.

5. Be engaged with a parrot alone and stock up for this purpose with a large number of free time. Try to say mainly high-pitched sounds as the young baby bird is not capable to reproduce low sounds during communication with a bird, and to it it will be simpler if you meet requirements of him.

6. Train a parrot to speak in the quiet and silent atmosphere, switch off radio, the TV and phone and also remove a pocket mirror that the parrot did not distract from a cage of a parrot. When the lesson ends, place a mirror into place.

7. As often as possible call a parrot by name, talk with him by a tender voice, comment on the and its actions. The best time for classes the morning and evening is considered. In order that the parrot always had readiness for training, make classes for it the most fascinating game which he has to look forward. It is possible to train in the human speech only that parrot who lives in loneliness. If you are engaged with a bird regularly, in two-three weeks the parrot will begin to pronounce the first words.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team