How to teach a parrot to bathe

How to teach a parrot to bathe

Many parrots very much like to bathe. If you want your pet regularly and with pleasure to adopt water procedures, then it is necessary to know how it is correct to accustom a birdie to water.


1. Very first that the owner of a parrot needs to acquire - bathing has to be only voluntary. The birdie itself has to become interested in water, do not try to push a parrot in a kupalka violently at all - so you will only strongly frighten the pet and will forever fight off it desire to get into the water.

2. If your bird categorically does not want to bathe in the offered kupalka, then you should not be upset - perhaps, your birdie just does not like a design. Try to replace a kupalka or offer a parrot the usual flat dish or a basin filled with water of room temperature. Happens that birds ignore all kupalka, but with pleasure lap under the open kitchen crane.

3. In order that the parrot began to bathe for the first time, it is necessary to draw his attention to a kupalka. Put a favourite toy or a pocket mirror on its bottom. It is possible also to try to put something tasty in water.

4. If you want to accustom the pet to bathe under the crane, then it is worth bringing accurately a parrot on a hand to a thin stream of warmish water. As a rule, birdies look narrowly at water, understand that in it there is nothing terrible, and already then try to bathe.

5. In hot weather it is possible to try to expiate pets in lettuce leaves. Take a bunch of this plant, plentifully moisten with cool water and put on a cage. Parrots not only with pleasure will try fresh greens, but also will bathe.

6. During bathing you watch that in the apartment it was warm and there were no drafts, the wet parrot can catch a cold very quickly. If your pet bathes in a kupalka, then pour there water which can be used for drink as many parrots very much like to drink during adoption of water procedures.

7. After bathing you do not dry the pet the hair dryer at all - a sharp temperature difference and also hot air can be deadly to a parrot. If you see that the bird strongly became wet and froze, then it is better to put her under a usual desk lamp under which the parrot with pleasure will dry out and will smooth plumelets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team