How to teach a parrot to speak

How to teach a parrot to speak

Parrot - very beautiful, amusing pet capable to please the owner with a peculiar behavior and ridiculous habits. Well, and if your parrot also starts talking, then he will be the true pride of your family. At due patience the chance to hear from a parrot of a word and the whole phrases is very high.


1. If you set as the main goal to teach parrot to speak, choose a young, active and inquisitive bird. When choosing pay attention as the bird reacts to you, on people around. The more interest the parrot shows to the events around, the its abilities to a conversation are higher.

2. Consider that as the most talkative breeds of parrots are considered zhako. Not bad amazona, a cockatoo, a lory and wavy parroti study. And here nerazluchnik and korella can learn at most several words. Though, of course, in any rule there are exceptions.

3. Do not try to teach a parrot to speak until he accustoms on the new place. At first try not to make sharp movements, do not talk loudly and exclude sharp frightening sounds. Moving on the new place a big stress and on adaptation can be necessary for a bird about two weeks, and even it is more.

4. When the bird accustoms on the new place, begin to accustom her to the presence. Talk to a parrot, pronounce aloud all the actions: feeding, cleaning of a cage, even simple movements about the room where there is a parrot. Let he will get used to your type and a sound of your voice.

5. Begin training when the parrot freely goes to you on hands or to take food from your hands. You give classes at the same time twice a day. For example, after feedings.

6. Begin training with one word and you do not pass to others until a bird it becomes accurate to say it. Choose the simple sonorous word comprising the hissing or rolling sounds.

7. At first only one family member has to be engaged in training of a parrot. Define whom the bird treats with the greatest attention and charge this responsible business.

8. Be not nervous, do not raise the voice. Pronounce the learned word slowly and drawlingly. You watch a parrot. He has to show interest in you and not be distracted by foreign objects. Therefore for the period of the classes switch off radio or the TV, remove from the room of family members and pets.

9. Very often the first word a parrot is pronounced not in the presence of the owner, and looking at themselves in a mirror. It occurs because he tries to draw attention of other reflected bird. So hang up a small pocket mirror in a cage and allow a parrot to play with it when you are not engaged.

10. The behavior of a bird has to be a signal to the termination of a lesson. As soon as your parrot began to lose to you interest and was distracted by something else, stop occupation. Do not try to draw attention of a bird with voice or percussion on cage rods, it will push away her further from lessons.

11. Surely praise a bird and treat with some delicacy to encourage to further classes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team