How to teach the Karelian to talk

How to teach the Karelian to talk

Karelians are lovely, attractive, very sociable parrots. They perfectly contain in house conditions, are trustful, easily trained and very quickly become manual. If to tell about their ability to speak, then in a lexicon of leaders 2-3 dozen words and the simple sentences from three-four members. Karelians perfectly reproduce household noise and with a surprising accuracy can give plain songs.


1. That process of training took place more effectively, bring up the to the Karelian from the earliest age and in complete isolation from other birds.

2. The ability to a conversation at all individuals is individual. Listen to sounds which are made by a baby bird Karelians. If besides peep you hear notes and their combinations - the bird for certain will be able to learn to reproduce speech sounds.

3. You provide training at certain one o'clock in the afternoon. Every day it is desirable to give to a bird on two – three hours. Besides, always, passing by, pay attention to her. At the same time will be to tell the name of a parrot enough or just to say hello. During training feathery has to be in a cage.

4. One person has to carry out process of training. It has to do indoors where except it and a parrot there is nobody. Presence of one more person frightens or distracts a bird.

5. Begin training in a conversation with learning of one melody. Whistle it or you reproduce repeatedly from the player - Karelians very willingly remember melodies. When the parrot acquires motive, it is possible to try to study the first word. For initial classes choose words with vowels "and" or "about" and concordants - "to", "п", "р", "t".

6. Try to train a bird in a situational form, it is much more effective. For example, giving a forage, always repeat: "Ricci wants to eat". Then there is a chance to hear this phrase from your pet when he is hungry in the absence of a forage.

7. Karelians learn quicker a word if a certain emotion is connected with it. Repeat words and expressions with tenderness and other emotions, avoid monotony. Numerous repetition - the key to success in development of ability of a parrot Karelians to imitation of words. Constantly talk to a bird, it leads to increase in her lexicon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team