How to teach to talk a parrot to a korell

How to teach to talk a parrot to a korell

If with you in the house there lives a parrot, you for certain want to teach him to talk. In a case with a bird of breed of a korell this task quite simple because such parrots are considered as capable. And more words are remembered by males korell, females are quite talented in this plan too. Anyway, to carry out conceived, it is necessary to make efforts.


1. First of all create an interior, nice for a birdie. To a parrot it has to be comfortable, at the same time he should not by anything be distracted. Exclude emergence of extraneous noises and other irritants. It is better to leave a cage open.

2. Choose phrases with which you will begin training. Best of all parrots remember the names, often – with approving epithets, for example, "good Prosha". Words and phrases have to sound with tender intonation. Then it will be easier for korella to master them.

3. It is possible to teach only a parrot who lives one. Birds in couple have no need to communicate with the person in his language, to train in the words of such parrots not easy. The same person has to be engaged with the pet, it is better if it is the woman as parrots remember the words pronounced by high pitched voices easier.

4. Training needs to be provided in the morning and in the evening. Repeat the same phrase or a word within 15-30 minutes. It is the best of all to speak at the same height, with identical intonation, slowly and accurately, quite loudly. When the bird masters a lesson, it is possible to expand her lexicon, entering new words and offers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team